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With all the features and advantages that the internet has to offer to the current business industry, it is undeniable that different digital companies are emerging almost every day to make the best out of it.

However, it is undeniable that there are also challenges coupled with going digital. Starting a digital agency without a proper briefing on what it entails will eventually slow down operations and hamper any possibility of the business or agency achieving promising results and long-term development.

The digital marketing ecosystem can be a daunting field for the faint-hearted and for those who lack the necessary background on how things work online. As such, knowing and understanding the challenges that aspiring digital agency starters might encounter will give them the motivation to push through and eventually devise strategies on how to avoid them.

For those who are interested in starting or running a digital agency of their own, here are four of the most common and biggest challenges faced by digital marketing agencies:


In the business industry, acquiring clients and enticing them to support the business is the key to attaining long-term survivability. The problem is, devising strategies to win clients is where it all gets tricky. Using traditional campaigns is no longer enough. This is especially true in places where digital marketing agency services are prevalent; thereby making it harder for businesses to acquire new clients.

Also, customer retention works hand-in-hand with customer acquisition. In truth, retaining customers is way harder than acquiring them. It entails the agency or business to consistently provide the best services possible in order for their customers to remain loyal and supportive through time.

When the conjoined challenges of acquiring and retaining customers get out-of-hand, it can cause a serious impact on the business’s operations.

One of the best ways to avoid this potential pitfall is to devise strategies that will set a lasting impression on clients, provide services that can consistently penetrate clients’ pain points, keep up with the latest trends, and offer services that will embody the very structure and worth of the agency. 


Another challenge that a digital marketing agency faces is the payment procedure for each project. At times, agencies tend to overlook the arrangement of a contract signing with the customers or the parties involved prior to the commencement of the operations or services entailed by the client.

Failure to prepare the necessary documents and contracts for each project can complicate payments in the future.

Since money is at stake here, it is ideal for digital agencies to conduct a contract signing on all the services that the client wants to avail. The contract should highlight and enumerate completely all the corresponding rates for the services availed. At the same time, the contract should indicate that all charges included in the transaction will take effect on the commencement date agreed upon for the project. Do not hesitate to demand payment (advanced payments included) if necessary and refrain from continuously offering services without a well-settled payment transaction in place.

Always remember that the demeanor clients display when it comes to sending payments holds a significant amount of control over the course of your agency’s stability and growth. Without a proper payment system in effect, and with customers exhibiting uncooperative behavior when settling transactions, it will be harder for your agency to earn and thrive.


Another hindrance is the lack of individuals who possess the right expertise to navigate the digital marketing landscape. A person can never be an expert digital marketer after handling a single project. They need a significant amount of time to grow and get familiarized with the dynamic ecosystem of marketing brands online.

While there may be some locally available experts, they usually choose to be freelancers. This makes it a stretch for businesses to find the most suitable candidates to complete their digital marketing team.

One of the practical ways to obtain the right individuals to handle all the digital marketing efforts of an agency is through outsourcing part of the workforce. Outsourcing companies are among the go-to places where agencies and businesses can find a person with the right talent and skills at a very considerable price.



Unfortunately, digital marketing challenges do not just emerge externally but internally as well.

In order for a digital marketing agency to operate smoothly, proper coordination within the workforce is paramount. Unified manpower will not be easy to achieve without the right alignment of in-house employees’ attitudes and work ethics. Chances are, the productivity becomes completely compromised because of the lack of a cohesive connection and inclusive atmosphere between employees with contrasting viewpoints and clashing personalities.

At the same time, there is also the tendency of conflicts arising between the staff and their supervisors. This usually happens when misunderstandings involving task delegations and deliverables are not addressed and resolved in a professional manner.

In order to lessen the heat within the four corners of the office, it is best to conduct timely incentive programs for employees, set a healthy working environment, and even organize periodical team-building activities. Activities that encourage team cooperation and communication boosts rapport, understanding, and unity among the staff. In the long run, improved cooperation and connection will not only help promote positive internal connections between colleagues but also motivate them to work and exert more effort to produce optimal results.

The digital marketing ecosystem is shifting at a rapid pace. Generally, establishing a digital marketing agency can be truly rewarding. This is especially true once the needed workflow is successfully executed according to plan and the target profit for the business is attained. By knowing what possible pitfalls to expect when running a digital marketing agency, risks and successes can be scaled with the right amount of preparedness.

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