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4 Easy Ways To Generate Leads For Startup Businesses

Lead generator

In every business, generating leads should be among the top priorities. For a business to grow, having sufficient knowledge on the most suitable methods of generating additional leads is of the utmost importance. 

But, if a startup or a business simply does not have enough lead generation strategies at its disposal, implementing the right tools and resources to carry out these tactics may not be as effective.

In truth, there are several available strategies for lead generation. However, the sheer number of strategies available can be overwhelming. That said, startups and businesses with no clue of how and where to start can always kickstart with these 4 simple and easy techniques for generating leads:

1. Content Marketing

Creating high-value content is a great method to establish SEO for the brand’s website. Apart from reinforcing the brand’s visibility on the internet, relevant content likewise showcases the extent of knowledge that the business has about the industry where it belongs. 

Content marketing aids in enhancing the business website’s online presence by hiking up its ranking on search engines.

Content marketing should not only be limited to the use of blog posts as the lead-driving tool. Other forms of content, such as ebooks, explainer videos, wiki guides, and in-depth case studies can also contribute to making the business more relevant and credible.

The content must also be relevant to the target audience. For example, if the target audience belongs to the marketing industry, Send out content that is relevant to them. Adapt to them by giving pieces of content that are best suitable for their needs.

Determine what specific topics are relevant to them and take note of the different writing formats that they prefer. Marketing-savvy individuals or groups may prefer content with eye-catching visuals, or articles that feature statistical graphics to help them absorb the information more easily.

2. Email Marketing

After building a palpable presence on the internet, it is time for the business to venture into other methods of generating more leads. Email marketing can be a great channel for businesses to connect with customers.

Choose an email platform that is most suitable for the business. Use the email platform to create personalized emails that will include all service or product-related information that the customer will benefit from.

A single, personalized email alone can generate up to 6 times more leads as compared to when effective email marketing is not utilized. When creating customer-centric emails, remember to link the content to the brand’s website or social media page(s).

Doing so significantly drives higher click rates and traffic to the website or page, thus increasing the probability that the business will appear more frequently on search results and page suggestions.

When employing email marketing, it is important to keep track of the progress and success of each email campaign sent. This will help test, modify, and improve future email marketing approaches to ensure that the right audience is targeted and retained.

3. PPC through Facebook Ads

Aside from email marketing, the constant improvements on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook, provide an effective channel where businesses can keep in touch with their audience.

Facebook Ads provide businesses with the capability to customize their ads to suit the interests and preferences of their customers. Ads on Facebook can be aimed and filtered more specifically based on categories such as age, location and interests.

Be more specific in creating ads. Avoid creating ads that are not relevant to the service being offered or promotions that do not highlight what the customers need and demand. Otherwise, it will only confuse the intended audience and drive away potential customers. Worse, irrelevant ads may push customers to tag or report the business as a scam. 

Presentation matters as well. An engaging ad helps bolster the number of potential customers that will avail the services or products offered by the business. Lastly, run ads based on what is called a ‘lookalike audience’, or social network users grouped together using a specific set of algorithms.

A lookalike audience is tailored to resemble a particular group of customers. Fashion Facebook Ads to respond to a lookalike audience. This helps in extending the business’ audience reach and promoting the brand to a wider range of Facebook users who may possibly be interested in engaging with the business.

4. Discounts

People are usually enticed by affordable rates or discounted prices. Offering discounted rates to coincide with a startup’s opening or an upcoming holiday is a smart way to entice more leads. Discounts suggest the idea of saving more money for customers.

As such, when strategically paired with a particular holiday or event, discounted rates have a higher probability of shifting the spotlight from competitors to the brand. After all, carefully planned discounts are usually irresistible for most customers.

Distributing discount coupons is also effective in generating leads. In the coupons, include the business’ logo, along with the business’ address, website and social media page(s). Add the business’ tagline or a short, promotional message to leave a more lasting impact to the customers.

Promotions and discounts can also be disseminated digitally by creating banners and pop-ups that will be featured on the business’ website and/or social media page(s). 

Every successful business started out as a beginner, and generating leads is no exception.

It does not matter what type of services a business is offering or what demographic of customers are being targeted. All businesses should spend time improving lead generation rates and employing better, more innovative ways to make it possible.

A systematic and effective method of generating leads means being able to respond to the audience’ demands while staying true to the business’ objectives.

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