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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant Now

hiring virtual assistant

Many entrepreneurs often overlook the significance of getting a virtual assistant for their businesses. The main reason why is that they think that hiring a full-time, physical assistant is the only option they got. But it is NOT.

The truth is, virtual services are now dominating the professional relationship of the business industry. In fact, almost all business-related transactions at present are solely revolving around email, Skype and phone—a significant shift in communication that speaks volumes about the multiple possibilities that remote work can offer to both businesses and employees.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is a must:

1. Saves Time

For every successful business, time is the most valuable asset to have a tight grip on. Of course, it is a close second to generating income or money. Time enables business owners to think strategically, draw correlations, and forge ideas.

Without the luxury of a carefully budgeted time, business owners will more likely hamper their company’s growth rather than work towards pushing it to further development.

As a business owner, hiring the right person to handle the company’s tasks can, at times not be as conveniently available as one would expect. After all, it is important to hire staff who possess the right background, skill sets and attitude for the job.

In order to achieve this, the hiring process usually takes an extensive amount of time and consideration. From brainstorming and sifting through piles of résumés to setting up interviews and then narrowing down candidates to the one who best fits all the requirements.

It is indeed a very complex and time-consuming process. The beauty of hiring virtual assistants is that there is a bigger pool for potential candidates since business owners can hire internationally.

There is also a higher chance of hiring a larger quantity of staff without compromising experience and skills. Location and distance will no longer be a problem as there are online communication tools that help make a collaboration for remote employees possible.   

Similar to experienced and well-trained in-house staff, virtual assistants are also able to execute administrative, clerical and more advanced tasks in the most efficient way possible.

This provides businesses a great advantage to maximize time and resources. Apart from that, virtual assistants enable business owners to focus more on their business strategies and campaigns.

2. Banks on Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring a virtual assistant generates several cost-effective advantages. Aside from the convenience of time and distance, virtual assistants are likewise commonly more likely to be available on-call. Not only that, their work can be paid per hour or even per project, as compared to paying in-house employees with 8-9 hours of work on a daily basis. 

Another aspect that business owners can eliminate in a virtual assistant setup, is the responsibility of settling the virtual assistant’s benefits and contributions. The responsibility of paying the virtual assistant’s benefits and contributions is usually fulfilled by the remote employees themselves.

Spending money on training resources are usually either optional or complementary since businesses that hire remote employees would rather skip the training part and hire virtual assistants who already possess the skills and background needed for the job.

3. Maximizes Existing Manpower

In every company, administrative and clerical tasks play a vital role regardless of how tedious it can be. It usually involves taking care of papers involved in the business’ overall operations, handling transactions with suppliers, service providers, business partners and clients as well as ensuring that all employee requirements, benefits and contributions are properly settled and consistently updated. It also involves answering calls and scheduling company-related events and tasks.

Due to its time consuming nature, having office-based employees focus on administrative and clerical tasks can take a valuable chunk of concentration away from the more demanding and skills-specific factors of keeping the business up and going. This is usually true for businesses with limited resources or manpower.  

Hiring virtual assistants to take care of clerical jobs enables companies to make the most of their resources and staff. It gives business owners the opportunity to distribute tasks accordingly without having to overload each staff with excessive responsibilities that go beyond the job they initially signed up for.

4. Reduces Conflicts

Since virtual assistants are not physically present in the office, they are not prone to office drama and can thus perform their work efficiently and without bias.

Conflicts among employees are inevitable in any workplace. After all, employees differ in terms of personality, professional background, personal experience and beliefs. Employing virtual assistants is instrumental and minimizing workplace tension and misunderstandings. 

While virtual communication can at times be misconstrued, it is still less prone to argumentative confrontations among the staff involved. In fact, remote employees working under the same team are more focused on getting the job done and cooperating with one another since they are either paid for every output or time that they provide to their employer.

This gives businesses a great advantage for productivity. Instances of gossiping, tardiness and habitual absenteeism are instantly eliminated while efficiency is boosted. 

5. Extends time for rest and recreation

Having a virtual assistant at a business owner’s disposal significantly reduces workplace burnout. Virtual assistants, especially those well-equipped with advanced skills and extensive experience in the tasks that they are assigned to do evens out the daily workload and time it takes to accomplish a company’s core objectives.

Business owners and employees work better with a well-rested brain. By including remote workers into the team, business owners get to render more time developing new strategies and products for their business, while in-house employees no longer need to worry about having to shoulder additional tasks on their plate.

Virtual assistants or remote employees, on the other hand, can contribute their skills at a time that is most convenient for them; thus, making the entire setup a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

Indeed, working smart beats working hard.

Being successful is not constant if businesses fail to embrace the ever-changing trends and demands in present-day market scenes and industries. Brand new names will eventually emerge and will try to outwit existing businesses one way or another.

As simple as it can be, hiring a virtual assistant provides big and small benefits for businesses—and all of these advantages are instrumental in gearing companies for greater heights of success.

Are you in need of a Virtual Assistant for your business? Head to our website and check out our lineup of virtual assistant services. We offer experienced and highly skilled remote staff to fill in your business’ requirements. Inquire now to learn more!

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