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Every gamer’s dream is to rank higher than or surpass fellow players in terms of playing their game of choice.

More probable than not, every gamer has dreamt of becoming one of the most highly respected and well-recognized faces in the competitive gaming industry. There is nothing wrong with aiming high, seeing as how the world of gaming continues to thrive and get better over time. 

On the other hand, there are also those who are new in the industry and are still unsure of how to get started on their gaming journey.

There are several hacks, tricks, and secrets to becoming a professional gamer, but there is not a single, “secret formula” that universally works for everyone.

If you are an aspiring pro-gamer, check out the informative and well-thought-of guide discussed below:


In order to become a pro gamer and maybe make the most returns out of it, it is important to play one game at a time. Honing your skills in one game will be much more effective as it will help you enhance your focus, familiarize yourself with the setup, and allow you to plan ahead of time for future matches. Whereas, setting your goals on becoming the “jack-of-all-trades” in the gaming industry may only result in lesser focus and skewed motivation.

It is important to be reminded that becoming a pro gamer does not happen in one night. It requires a significant amount of time to master the meta. Thus, instead of playing two or more games, it is better to stick to playing one game at a time. Once you feel that you have honed your skills in a particular game, then perhaps that’s the time you can opt to focus on a new one.

It is essential to stay in tune with your personal preferences when picking a game. Choose one that embodies your personality and interests. Also, the type of gaming platform plays a vital role in your improvement and performance. Among the gaming platforms that can choose from including a personal computer or PC, consoles, and even mobile devices and smartphones that support a variety of online games. 


For instance, if you decide to join the eSports industry, it is important to know the reasons why you want to play in the first place. What are your motivations? What pushes you to stay committed and get better after each game? What fuels your drive to participate and immerse yourself in the game?

These motivational forces should come from within you. Is playing your passion? Do you gain a sense of fulfillment whenever you play in a highly competitive setting? Whatever your objectives and reasons may be, know that it should help validate and reinforce your identity as a gamer even more.

As cheesy as it may sound your intentions will be one of the key components in order for you to become a pro gamer in the long run.


Competitive games have a very smart system—so smart that it can continuously keep track of how well you do in the game. As such, when finding a match, the system will try its best to find the most suitable opponent for you. Most of the time, gaming systems will match you with a player who possesses the same level of gaming experience as you. That said, the more you improve and exhibit higher proficiency in the game, the tougher the opponents that will be paired against you.

In order to ensure positive progress to becoming a pro gamer, there are specific components involved in boosting your knowledge and skills that require a significant amount of focus and mastery, such as game mechanics, in-game strategies, and even competitors’ gameplay.

Knowing how to navigate within the game’s landscape will help you hone the necessary skills that will enable you to devise smarter strategies, particularly in terms of how class roles work, what is needed to achieve team synergy, and how to make new meta out of the old one.

Although training requires time and commitment, it really pays off. With consistent effort and dedication, reaching the top roster of expert gamers is not impossible.


After undergoing a series of non-stop training, this is where it all gets more serious. Remember, not all games can be won on your own. There will be instances where you are required to form a team and play with other players to achieve a common goal.

Forming teams with fellow gamers helps spark your competitive side while encouraging you to coordinate with your teammates. The majority of all competitive games usually require a team in order for them to compete.

Creating and developing a team where all participants can set aside differences and play and practice alongside each other can effectively scale your skills even higher. Try recruiting gamers who are more experienced than you. This way, you will be able to adapt to their gameplay style, synergize with their unique skills, and enable you to have an in-depth understanding of how they work with the game’s meta or even the way they navigate through challenges to garner more favorable results.

Remember, your ability to work well with a team of other players is also a reflection of the level of skills and experience that you have.


Being a pro gamer is not simply limited to being a “good” or skilled player. You still need to broaden the breadth of your experience and knowledge. In order to do this, you need to make connections with other teams to help you ascend the top-tiered ladder.

Use your skills to gain a better footing in more competitive gaming categories where a variety of highly skilled and experienced players flock. The moment you are able to put your name out in a more cutthroat gaming arena, that is when you begin expanding your network and start building your reputation.

With your enhanced skills, you can leverage yourself to establish a better connection with other players. Playing with veteran gamers will not only improve the skills that you have but also help you leverage a highly distinguishable image that can potentially attract the attention of other pros.

Consequently, the reputation you build will generate a high probability of receiving invitations to join more competitive channels. A great example of this is a private Discord channel where you can get the chance to play with the elites. Chances are, when you play with elite players, you are also increasing the opportunity to get noticed by different gaming organizations. 


While the e-Sport environment can be rewarding when you play continuously, it can also take a toll on your overall well-being.

Practicing a holistic approach to improving your gameplay should always be balanced with ensuring your body still gains proper nutrition, and you are able to live a physically active lifestyle. After all, it is never okay to be better at gaming if it means disregarding your health. When you pair this with improving your social life, it can help improve your cognitive skills as well as prevent the possibility of experiencing physical and mental burnout.

Professional gamers have proven that diving into the world of eSports with a well-balanced lifestyle allows you to stay motivated and acquire enough time to grow and develop skills that will help you put your image into the competitive ladder where professional organizations and bigger challenges await.


Since its humble beginnings, the competitive gaming industry has been among those actively shaping individuals to hone and unleash their competitive side, while ultimately helping them create a name for themselves.

This article may have provided the most common factors to be taken into consideration on how to be a pro player. In reality, it can truly be challenging to thrive and survive in this industry where all the exceptional players work hard to seize the top spot.

That’s not to say that reaching the top is impossible. 

At the end of the day, it requires a considerable amount of time and dedication to practice and be familiarized with the eSports setup before one can earn the right and credentials of being recognized as a top-tiered player.

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