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Be a Superhero: Content Moderation as a Full-time Career? Here’s What to Expect!

With the ever-changing online setup, one must always remain vigilant in order to defend cyberspace from the dangers that lurk beneath the internet’s dark alleyways. They may not be wearing capes, but they can certainly pack a punch especially when dealing with internet trolls.

What exactly are they?

They are known as content moderators!

So, who are these burgeoning superheroes?

If you’re new to the world of content moderators and want to learn about their skills, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s uncover the truth about what it’s like to be a full-time content moderator and learn about their talents and strengths.

What is a Content Moderator?

On the surface, content moderators are people who monitor user-generated content that is published online. However, when you go a little further, their roles go beyond merely eliminating undesirable and malicious UGCs. A content moderator is someone who is in charge of protecting a brand’s online reputation, protecting users from other users with hostile agendas, and establishing ground rules to ensure that every user adheres to the brand’s rules, policies, and standards when engaging with followers and fellow users. There are millions of images and hundreds of thousands of hours of video footage accessible online. Consider how much work they put in every day to keep users safe from online risks.

They act as the first line of defense when it comes to managing and monitoring user behavior across various platforms to ensure that all users have a secure and positive experience throughout their digital activities.

What Does it Take to Become a Content Moderator?

To say that taking on the role of moderator is difficult would be understating the situation. Compared to the backstories of other superheroes, an encounter with a spider or a bolt of lightning won’t do the trick. One might, however, become an ideal candidate for the role with relatively little effort by acquiring the necessary abilities and going through the required training for content moderation. 

What types of experience and qualifications are necessary to work as a content moderator? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the skills necessary to function as an efficient content moderator:

1. Screening Expertise

A moderator needs to be knowledgeable about the entire procedure to be effective. Candidates must be comfortable using the numerous platforms that are used by both businesses and end-users. Knowing how to maneuver the niche helps them perform their jobs more successfully and offers them the capability to modify the entire moderation process so that it complies with the specific requirements and guidelines of the brand. Additionally, because the moderators are familiar with the dynamics of the relevant niche, it is simpler for them to build more fruitful and productive relationships with the target audiences.

2. Multi-Platform Experience

As the business industry grows, so do enterprises. What does this mean? Competition can be steep, especially for budding companies. If your company employs a team of moderators who are experienced in the operation of a variety of digital platforms such as social media, online communities, and marketplaces, you will be able to determine which pieces of content are inappropriate for public view or in violation of your company’s guidelines.

3. Analytical Proficiency

Analytical skills are needed if one aims to become a competent moderator. Being analytical enables one to be quicker and more accurate at judging the appropriateness of a user’s content.

It is imperative that moderators constantly pay careful attention to details. This is especially true for posts that contain a significant amount of text, in addition to other forms of media such as images and videos.

If you want to keep your online credibility on active platforms like social media, online communities, and review sites, it is very crucial for you to do this. When deciding which pieces of content are allowed and which should be removed or flagged, a moderator is required to gather relevant information and make an informed decision.

Analytical skills can include the capacity to do appropriate contextual analysis.   Context is crucial when it comes to interpreting content and determining its intended meaning. It is vital to keep in mind that each sub-niche of the platform has its own characteristics and that users and moderators can easily become lost in translation due to cultural differences and language barriers. While some users won’t have any problems discerning content, others might regard it as offensive by other online groups and their members.

4. Resilience

There will be instances when you will find it challenging to filter the content. Since virtually anything can be posted online, internet trolls are able to submit content that the vast majority of users perceive to be sexually explicit, racially offensive, and culturally discriminative.

Having a moderator around is always a good idea when dealing with explicit or disturbing material. A moderator is able to go through the deluge of user-generated content and eliminate any content that is inappropriate for the general public to view, provided that moderators are equipped with the appropriate criteria.

5. Multilingual

While not a grave necessity, hiring moderators who are fluent in multiple languages comes in handy, which is incredibly substantial if your company serves customers in a broad variety of geographic regions. Testimonials and other comments left by customers on review websites can, for instance, have a significant impact on the credibility of a brand. In most cases, it becomes a key factor for a customer’s purchasing decision.

How Much Does a Content Moderator Make?

While working as a full time content moderator has its fair share of challenges, that does not mean that the compensation is not as rewarding. According to the most recent findings, the overall pay for a content moderator in the United States can reach up to $57,819 annually, with an average annual salary of $38,783. This does not take into account supplementary remuneration, which can reach up to $19,000 per year in some cases. Additional compensation might come in the form of cash bonuses, commissions, tips, or even special rewards that are mandated by the employer.

Other statistics revealed that the average salary for content moderators working in countries outside the United States, such as India and the Philippines, where the cost of living is significantly cheaper, can be as high as $500 per month. Neither higher wages nor benefits are taken into account.

Where to Look for Content Moderator Services?

Now that you know how intensive and beneficial it is to have a moderation system, you’re probably wondering where to find the best companies to outsource moderation services. No worries, we’ve done our research! Below is a quick rundown of the best moderation outsourcing companies that you can try right now. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Besedo

Besedo is one of the best content moderation firms available on the market at present. Besedo offers content monitoring services powered by both artificial intelligence as well as human expertise. They also exhibit their expertise in screening and monitoring fraudulent schemes, spamming, nudity, and other forms of inappropriate behavior that occur on internet platforms. They also provide their clients a selection of options regarding quality evaluation and monthly reports.

2. Magellan Solutions

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a competent moderation partner, Magellan Solutions provides content moderation solutions with a variety of features like auto-moderation, multilingual assistance, and 24/7 serviceability. Magellan Solutions distinguishes itself by ensuring that all of its clientele’s individual needs and requirements are met through stringent training procedures.

3. LiveWorld

LiveWorld ensures that clients stay one step ahead of the competition on a global scale. The company focuses their expertise on diverse national cultures and languages to stay aligned with their clients’ tastes, norms, and conditions. Employing their moderation services gives you access to a crew of moderators with intensive multilingual skills, along with their round-the-clock services.

4. Chekkee

Chekkee is a content moderation company that focuses on delivering the highest possible level of online protection by combining the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the expertise of humans. Their moderation services are applicable to a diverse range of industries, such as e-commerce, gaming, online dating, and sectors dedicated to upholding child care, education and protection. 

Also, they provide a comprehensive selection of content monitoring solutions to shield their customers from foreseeable dangers that may be lurking online. These services include, but are not limited to, UGC content moderation, image moderation, video moderation, text moderation, community moderation, web content moderation, and social media moderation.

5. Pure Moderation

Pure Moderation goes above and above to ensure they help maintain their clients’ online credibility. Aside from that, they offer solutions for data entry, which is effective at assisting clients in effectively managing the volume of work they have. They provide additional services such as customer service and game management.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

That is indeed a fact!

The internet is an inherently risky environment to begin with. Since you have moderators on your side, you no longer need to be concerned about anything. Remember to conduct thorough background checks and research about the different moderation companies. Use the ones listed in this article as your starting point. From there, you can branch out and delve deeper to find a superb and indestructible team of moderation experts whose “superpowers” are best suited for your business requirements.

You certainly won’t find the best moderators in town in a bat cave or atop a skyscraper in the middle of New York City, or in any bizarre location where your typical comic book superhero would thrive. In reality, you can reach them with a single phone call, an email, a chat, or even through social media. It depends on which contact channels the company uses.

By the time you finish reading this blog, we hope that you are finally enlightened with how to choose a moderation expert who will aptly guard your brand and your followers from notorious cyberspace villains.

Ever tried outsourcing your content moderation needs? Share your experience in the comment section!

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