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Best Businesses You Can Start This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Now is the time to spread festive cheer throughout the planet.

While many people view the holiday season, particularly Christmas, as a time for recreation, gift-giving, and family gatherings, others see it as an opportunity to launch a lucrative business and earn a little extra money to help them face the days after this once-a-year event.

This can’t be helped, owing to the fact that the winter holiday seasons frequently present opportunities to boost revenue. While sales may fluctuate from year to year, this should not be a reason for businesses not to try to join the holiday business fever. In fact, the National Retail Federation has projected that there will be a significant growth in holiday retail sales during the months of November and December. This growth is expected to be between 6% and 8% in the United States alone. So imagine it on a global scale. At this year’s Christmas celebration, there is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that Santa Claus will be bringing tons and tons of goodies for businesses of all types.

So, stop with that resting grinch face and cheer up; here is a list of simple yet lucrative businesses that you can start to make the most out of the holiday season.

Best Holiday Business Ideas

1. Christmas Light Installation Services

During Christmas, light-based decorations are the thing. Aside from the traditional decorations that look like a winter wonderland and a life-size Santa Claus, many people and businesses like to decorate their homes and shops with different kinds of Christmas lights. Not only do Christmas lights make everything lively all day long, but they also project the very essence of the holiday onto those who see them. From mini string lights to wide-angle LED mini lights to large-bulb lights and battery-operated fairy and icicle lights, Christmas lights are without a doubt a must-have ingredient to bring forth the holiday feel.

So, if you want to start a business installing Christmas lights, you will need a vehicle for transportation, a ladder for installation, your Christmas light stock, and an insurance form to let your customers know that if they have any problems with your products, you will be able to help them right away. These should be enough to help you kickstart your own Christmas light installation business. Remember, while they “enjoy” having these mesmerizing lights adorning their front yards, driveways, and walkways, sometimes people are too lazy to do so. This is why most homeowners and business owners prefer to hire professionals to put up their Christmas lights.

Also, make sure that you only offer commercial-grade lights. Most people tend to prefer to purchase cheap lights to cut costs. Little do they know that resorting to low-quality variants can only double their expenses, as these types of lights can break easily. Always make sure you can tell them that buying a few high-quality Christmas lights can help them save more money and reduce the risks that come with low-quality lights.

2. Photography Business

Just like Destin Sparks, an award-winning photographer, said, “Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”

Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to capturing the beautiful moments of Christmas day. Starting a photography business is a wonderful way to supplement your income, particularly during the busiest season of the year. Most people like taking pictures during the holidays because it lets them capture the most memorable moments and keep a record of them for the future.

It’s even possible that you may launch your own photo booth business. Not only can you offer events with a Christmas theme, but you can also offer a broad variety of other events if you own a business that provides photo booths. Picnics, sporting activities, and get-togethers with family and friends that are conducted outside are also examples of these kinds of get-togethers. Other forms of gatherings include birthday parties, Christmas parties, christenings, business events, and weddings.

3. Event Organizing Services

We all know that during the holiday season, you can see a lot of events here and there. During this time of year, lots of famous people and celebrities are going to different events. Do you have a knack for planning events? Then this is the right time to put those skills to work and create a lucrative venture. Take note that being an event organizer is not only a great career for annual events such as Christmas or New Year’s, but it is also a profitable endeavor all year. If you are planning to start an event organizing business, you must be familiar with how to come up with themes, venues, food and beverage selections, and décor that are aligned with the preferences of your clients. You must also be able to work in a set amount of time and with a changing number of guests.

4. Christmas Card Designing Services

On Christmas Day, it’s customary to give and receive greeting cards. During this time of year, people frequently hand out holiday greeting cards to the people they are closest to. If you are able to make a variety of Christmas greeting cards, either digitally or handcrafted, selling them throughout the holiday season is a great opportunity to put some money away for the new year. All you need to do in advance is think about potential designs that might appeal to the tastes of your customers. Will it be an amusing way to meet someone? one that is filled with romance? Will there be a brilliant punchline at the end? Your creativity is the only thing holding you back here.

5. Delivery or Errand Service

During the holiday season, the vast majority of people have an extraordinarily full schedule. As such, people become so lethargic that they are unable to do their own activities, such as going food shopping or even buying Christmas decorations. If you have your own source of transportation, such as a bicycle or a compact sedan, you may start a business doing deliveries or doing errands for other people.

Your job will be similar to that of a personal shopper in that you will have to buy things for your customers and then deliver them. You can go through catalogs, go shopping at department stores and grocery stores, and even do some preliminary research on the internet for the best deals and potential offers. The satisfaction of your customers can be increased by having a sense of style and the ability to spot offers, both of which are within your control.

6. Sell Personalized Gift Baskets

Another holiday season staple: gift baskets. Gift baskets are a popular gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, and clients. Here are the things that you’ll be needing to create a gift basket:

  • A basket (obviously), a bag, or any other material that you can use to hold your goodies
  • You can use shredded tissue paper, shredded cellophane, straw that are cut into small pieces as base for your gift basket items
  • A cellophane, shrink wrap, or if you want your gift basket to look fancy, you can use a tulle or any similar material
  • A ribbon or twine for sealing your basket
  • Enclosure card (this is optional)

Concerning the goodies, the first thing you need to do is choose whether you will adhere to a consistent concept or fashion them according to the whims of your customers. It is up to you to decide whether you want to stick with a gift basket that contains only food or whether you want to think creatively and come up with various types of gift baskets. You can very much fill your client’s gift basket with anything they desire, from sweets to pastry-themed gift baskets, self-care, housewarming, even a nacho night-themed gift basket, and of course, holiday-themed baskets.

During the holiday season, there is usually a great demand for persons who can make gift baskets, particularly for those people who want to personalize their gifts for the people they care about most. It is much simpler to attract the attention of your customers and convince them to purchase your wares if you put your creative skills to work and build one-of-a-kind gift baskets.

7.  Gift Wrapping Services

Presents are an essential part of the Christmas celebration. These items, on the other hand, have to be presented in attractive gift wrapping at all times. Start a business that focuses on gift wrapping to take advantage of all the experience you have in the field. Make it possible for your clients to drop off their gifts to be wrapped at your establishment. In addition, if you already offer a delivery or errand service to your customers, you might inquire with them as to whether they would like you to take care of their gifts.

8. Christmas-themed Cooking Class

Do you have a wide range of experience in the kitchen, preparing a variety of dishes? If so, then it’s time to put your skills in the kitchen to good use. Starting a business that teaches others how to cook is not only a rewarding way to pass on your expertise to others, but it can also be a lucrative side gig for those who are interested in earning additional revenue in their spare time.

When it comes to determining what meal they should prepare for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, some individuals may choose to stick to the traditions that have been passed down to them, but other people may be open to trying something new. In situations like this, hosting culinary tutorials can be really helpful. You have the option of using a real-world location or going the online route with something like a webinar.

9. Catering Services

Christmas is an annual celebration that features a diverse selection of foods, such as sugar cookies, chocolate, peppermint, and toffee puddings; gingerbread and sweet potatoes; roasted beef, baked ham, and even turkey and gravy; in addition to pies and the good old-fashioned cranberry sauce. If one’s taste sensations are not fulfilled, then Christmas simply cannot be called Christmas.

As such, starting a catering business is a great idea for people who are good at making tasty food and want to make more money over the holidays. There is no way to dispute the fact that catering is an extremely profitable industry. And, no. Your meal does not need to be made in a high-end kitchen if you do not have the means to do so. Your home kitchen has more than enough tools to make delicious meals in a reasonable amount of time.

10. Travel Planner

During the holiday season, a lot of people set out on trips to many different places. People, however, frequently have trouble deciding how to spend their time off around the holidays since their schedules are so busy and there are so many different things going on. As such, they need the assistance of a trip planner in order to complete this process.

As a seasonal travel planner, it is your responsibility to organize every part of the trip that your clients will take. You’ll take care of everything for you, from figuring out how much your plane tickets will cost to finding the best deals on hotels to booking car rentals—and, most importantly, doing in-depth research on the best places for you to visit.

Earn Extra Money During the Holiday Season

Even though the holidays only come around once a year, there is still a significant opportunity for businesses and individuals to profit from them. Someone can ponder, “What kind of enterprise is most suitable for the holiday season?” Your interests and ambitions will determine the type of company that is most suitable for you to launch over the holiday season. You don’t want to start a business that isn’t aligned with your passion, especially during seasons that require a specialized approach to win over the seasonal preferences of prospects. Do you plan to launch a company during this year’s holiday season and keep it running for the foreseeable future? You can get started by consulting the ones that are mentioned in this blog.

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