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Common Conundrums Customer Support Agents Solve

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Communication makes or breaks the relationship?’ This is the essence of how customer support agents can keep your patrons and convert your leads.

Communication has come a long way since its earlier days. From Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876 to the creation of the Telephone Switchboard which paved the way for long-distance conversations in the 1940s. Similarly, customer service has significantly evolved, from its Rotary Dial days in the 1920s to the full-scale use of Call Centers in the 1960s to process escalations.

All these innovations became the cornerstone of bringing businesses and customers together. That said, specific spiels and responses were created to ensure a continuously systematic way of handling customer queries while also retaining a courteous atmosphere between support agents and customers.

These spiels have become so common that most customers would recognize them in a heartbeat. 

Frequent Replies Agents Say: Dealing with Customer Conundrums

Here are 7 of the most typical replies support representatives use to settle concerns for better customer satisfaction and branding:

  1. I Can Solve this for You, but Only if We Calmly Discuss It.
  • This first one decreases the hostility of the customer and exudes professionalism on your part since your agent will not engage in conflict with an irate customer. This line encourages the customer to calm down without actually verbalizing the phrase. Customers tend to become more aggravated when they are asked or told to ‘calm down, making this response a more fitting alternative.
  1. I am Uncertain About the Matter but I can Certainly Check/Find that for You.
  • The second one diffuses the disappointment of callers since they called to seek clear and concise answers, and responding an ‘I don’t know’ signifies incompetence and dismissiveness towards your customers’ needs. It will certainly lower their view of your brand. To counter this, agents often say that they can check or find more information on the issue at hand.
  1. Thank You for Bringing This to Our Attention.
  • Sometimes, companies focus on various processes involved in maintaining stability that some aspects of the business are left unattended. Hence, it is always great to hear feedback from your avid patrons or first-time buyers since their reviews and comments provide you with great insight into your services and products.
  1. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Acknowledging that the company made a mistake—whether a minor or major one—and taking accountability for it is a sign of professionalism and a commitment to rectify the mistake. In turn, apologizing humbles your brand while also evoking a reliable and flexible image in a way that caters to the satisfaction of your customers.
  1. As Much as I Would Love to Help…
  • There are times when your agents would not be able to solve the concern that your clients have. The agent would have to admit to this and give them an alternate answer whether it be to escalate it to a superior or consult a fellow agent.
  1. I will Get Back to You in a Few Minutes.
  • Politely telling a customer to wait lessens the aggression and impatience they have in the heat of the moment. It’s a similar tactic to number two, although this time, your agent indirectly says that they need more time to collect the data and formulate a feasible solution to the customer’s dilemma.
  1. Happy to Help.
  • Lastly, agents always thank the clients they interact with, especially when the call merited favorable results for both parties. Saying this ends the interaction on a happier and mellow note while also exuding kindness and empathy. Your customers will feel heard and confident to interact with you more in the future.

Conundrums Solved: Thank your Customer Support Agents!

With a centralized channel for connecting people with businesses, customer support services these days are expected to entail growth in your respective markets and help process concerns from your ever-growing market.

It is taxing having to answer calls every day and deal with multiple enraged or annoyed customers simultaneously demanding time and prompt solutions. Ultimately, customer support agents are the backbone of your helpdesk, so do not forget to take care of them. Now you know how and what they usually say in these situations, remember to discuss these responses with your customer service team and ask for their valuable input on how they can continue to utilize communication to strengthen your brand and generate more satisfied customer responses.

Get customer support agents today and watch them respond professionally to your clients. Happy customers equate to happy company.

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