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Digital Marketing In 2020: An Era Of Fictions

Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is a blanket term for all marketing products and services that solely depend on utilizing digital technologies. 

With the internet as its backbone, digital marketing holds an intensive selection of effective avenues and tactics to make a particular business soar with flying colors in the industry.

However, with so much inaccurate information that plagues the internet regarding digital marketing, it is not surprising that it is enshrouded with fictitious theories and misconceptions.

Due to this, marketers are having a tough time formulating strategies. This is due to the blocks of doubts barricading digital marketing.

Below is a list of the most prevailing false assumptions and misconceptions involving digital marketing.

Let’s debunk them one by one.

1. Focusing on Content Marketing ALONE Works the Revenue Magic

This is true — and false. Content marketing serves as the foundation of every game plan for digital marketing.

However, people in the industry exaggerate the importance of content marketing and in the process, end up gradually transforming its value into a mythical quality. 

Although digital marketing relies on high-quality content to amplify the effectiveness of every strategy, remember that every content requires the backing of other marketing channels for it to be able to execute its purpose accordingly.

Every marketer should have a balanced focus on every marketing channel to bolster the effectiveness of any strategic approach of promoting brands with the help of content.

2. Loads of Content is the BEST

It is true that content marketing is a fundamental pillar for a digital marketing agency to thrust the brand upward. However, it is a high dependence on content marketing that businesses to thinking that generating a massive amount of content is required, regardless if there are also other advertising mediums available.

With the emergence of new platforms that serve as mediums distributing content, such as social media and live streaming platforms, marketers are often constrained to stretch their reach too thin just to prove that the business’ reach is widespread.

Marketers should know that it is better to concentrate on creating top-tiered content for selected channels instead of providing contents to a large volume of channels across the internet but completely compromise the content’s quality in the process.

3. ROI Measuring is EASY

This is absolutely a myth. Measuring ROI will never be easy. The internet is loaded with heaps of marketing channels, and it can be expected that customers are active in each and every channel available.

Compiling data from different channels is not a piece of cake. Calculating a strategy carefully is essential for businesses to collect data and insights with ease.

4. Email Marketing is ALWAYS on the HATE LIST

The only reason why customers tend to hate email marketing is when the construction of the content fails to convey its relevance to their lifestyle and choices as customers.

This does not mean that email marketing, should generally be overlooked. The answer is not to cross out email marketing in a business’ list of marketing avenues. The correct solution is to use email marketing the right way.

Employing email to market a business is, quite honestly, not as complicated as it may sound. Businesses should send emails with relevant information that can engage their target recipients.

The frequency of sending emails should also be monitored and carefully planned. Over-sending an email will most likely annoy the receivers. Email marketing may require a huge amount of time, but with proper usage and execution, it can deliver a positive and long-term impact on the business.

5. Digital Marketing is SOLELY all About Technology

It is true that technology serves as the very core of digital marketing. At the same time, it also plays a role in amplifying the effectiveness of the good old marketing methods that businesses used to be accustomed to in the past.

It is important not to disregard the traditional techniques as they serve as the very foundation of the business’s marketing efforts.

Always remember that the most effective advertising and branding strategies are usually those in the form of digital and traditional marketing fused into one. Traditional and digital marketing should not be viewed as separate contexts.

6. SEO is DEAD

One of the leading fictitious theories in digital marketing is SEO has ceased to be an effective tool for building online branding and generating higher audience impact for businesses. 

SEO is more than alive. In fact, it is relentlessly evolving in such a way that old techniques are being replaced and reconstructed to meet dynamic customer demands and industry trends. 

Google’s algorithms are constantly being updated, and this causes a ripple effect on both old and new practices in search engine optimization.

Presently, SEO is heavily dependent on holistic marketing approaches. Holistic SEO strategy caters to 4 segments of optimizations:

– On-page
– Off-page
– Technical
– User experience or UX

This fact alone proves that SEO has never been more alive, that this aforementioned approach is the bridge for greater organic search results compared from long ago.

The internet is comprised of mindsets vulnerable to common misconceptions on digital marketing. Learning these misconceptions plays a vital role in digital marketing. It serves as a basis for limitations and exceeding expectations.

Nevertheless, with or without these misconceptions, it is the marketer’s job to put maximum effort into their digital marketing strategies as it is the key to acquiring a higher percentage of new customers, reinforcing the brand’s reach, credibility, and visibility as well as retaining existing customers.

What other misconceptions about digital marketing do you know of? Want to learn more about digital marketing and how it can help leverage your business in your chosen industry? Let’s Talk.

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