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Get Ready with Reddit: Guide to Building Your Own Reddit Community

Want to reach a broader audience with your marketing efforts outside of your usual platforms? Have you given Reddit a try?

Reddit is one of the best platforms for content of any kind, including news, politics, and entertainment. Several businesses use this as their marketing platform to increase traffic and generate a copious amount of brand awareness.

According to a recent report by Statista, approximately 1.5 billion people visited Reddit, making it one of the most-visited websites online. It is not surprising why businesses spend money to put their marketing efforts into Reddit, since it is a dynamic and thriving space for building an online community.

However, before you engage in a hard-fought struggle on marketing using Reddit, first you need to have a solid understanding of how to build a Reddit community.

Below is a guide on how to use Reddit for business, what benefits it offers, and how to make a reddit community.

Reddit: What it is and How it Operates

Reddit is a social networking platform that also allows users to contribute their original material. Users, called “Redditors,” create, curate, and share material within specialized groups known as “subreddits.” It is a community that allows people to share their passion, interests, and ideas. It is also considered a social news website and forum where information is voted on by site members to socially curate it and boost its visibility on the site.

Benefits of Using Reddit

Reddit can be quite beneficial for your business. It can help you gain more followers that would help you increase your sales too. Now, let’s tackle a few benefits of Reddit and find out why it is a great platform to promote your business.

  1. Gain followers

Paid advertising has a higher potential to gain more engagements and reach across your target demographic than organic posts. It is therefore an effective method of marketing your brand on Reddit.

Reddit ads may be very effective if you have a well-thought-out plan that is able to reach your target audience. Since some ad platforms have a specific limit in their ad spending, businesses that wish to test new platforms or have a limited budget may find Reddit cost-effective. Reddit ads cost $5 per campaign.

Aside from that, the Reddit platform’s billions of users allow you to reach a broader audience. Therefore, it will help you in reaching users and gaining loyal followers who do not use Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Increase retention rate

Reddit has a high retention rate thanks to its distinctive features, customers are more compelled to return for more.

Reddit’s Community Awards is a feature that’s known to boost retention rates. Getting a Gold or Platinum icon next to your user’s comment might mean a lot to certain people since they perceive it as a way to show appreciation for the work they put into their posts or comments. Users who enjoy receiving new, flashy photographs can increase profits and are more inclined to stick around.

  1. Increase sales

When customers are dissatisfied with a service or product, they do not necessarily go straight to a review website or head to the firm’s page. They will occasionally post about it on social media or on popular forums such as Reddit. Being active on Reddit will allow you to approach comments that might otherwise go unanswered. How? One of the features of Reddit is the Comment navigator. The benefit of using a comment navigator is that you can select the top comment so that users may view it instantly. In this manner, if someone posts an unfavorable comment, you can hide it away and move it to the lower section of the comments.

  1. Increase brand exposure

Communities/Subreddits are the foundation of Reddit, and the site strives to offer something fascinating to users of all stripes. It is akin to having a television with millions of different channels. There is a good chance that a user will discover a channel that piques their interest. The same possibility applies to using subreddits to boost brand awareness.

Reddit need not develop any crazy new marketing tactics to increase the amount of web traffic it receives. It continues developing features and events that are centered on what captures people’s interest.

Let’s imagine a post on a subreddit receives several comments and attention. As a result, the subreddit attracts approximately 50,000 new subscribers at a rapid pace. Imagine what it would be like to have 50,000 followers. It would be an incredible success for your brand also!

  1. Earn feedback.

Feedback is crucial to improve your digital community. The good thing about Reddit is users are usually brutally honest considering that they can share their thoughts anonymously. Some organizations are yet to see the positive side of honest feedback, but it may help you solve problems and improve customer satisfaction with your brand.

How to Build a Reddit Community?

Are you still contemplating on the importance of creating a community on Reddit? Are you still fazed by the process it takes on how to use Reddit for marketing? 

Consider the following questions before creating a community on Reddit.

Generally, building a Reddit community is easy. In fact, anyone can do it. The real question here is how do you build it? To guide you, we will share the six ways to build a Reddit community.

Create your account.

Start a community instantly on the Create Community page. You’ll need an account that has been active for at least 30 days and has the necessary number of karma points. You can  earn karma points by posting well-liked links or comments. At the bottom of the sidebar, there is a button labeled “Create Community.” Click the button and give your community a distinct and catchy name, then choose a community type. Communities can be set to Private, Restricted, or Public. Finally, click the “Create Community” button.

Create a unique name for your community.

You will be prompted to input the community’s details in a pop-up window after clicking the “Create Community” button. Now it’s up to you to come up with a unique name for your community. Think creatively while coming up with a unique name. For instance, you might want to utilize terms like “lightning,” “bullet,” or “rocket.” You can also use pop culture references, quotes from a favorite movie or a character from a movie or show. As much as possible, don’t use your real name or information about your personal life.

Create a topic.

Choose a primary topic to help people understand what the community is all about. Once your primary topic is selected, you may opt from a list of suggested subtopics or create your own subtopics by entering them and pressing enter. When you’re finished, remember to save your modifications. It is also critical to select appropriate themes. Use phrases that are related to your community to help users identify them easily. Add several keywords that indicate the scope of your community. Narrower words may appeal to a more targeted audience.

Be an active reddit user.

Creating an account is not enough when building a reddit community. You need to understand what it is like to be a reddit user too. An effective way to do that is to be an active member too. Being a contributing member has several advantages. You may participate in discussions with other users, contribute engaging or educational comments, vote up other contributors’ articles, and share useful content from other Reddit authors. Also, it is important to spend time on the platform by engaging in subreddits and group members so you can gain karma points.

Employ community moderators.

If you want to build one of the most interesting reddit communities, moderators can help. Each Reddit community has its own set of goals, style, and rules, and that includes what kind of posts are acceptable and how visitors are expected to behave. Reddit moderators are pretty good when it comes to identifying spam. If they detect some violations, the moderators will probably take down or ban you even if you post a link to your website on Reddit.

When you establish a community, you instantly become the community’s top moderator. However, if you are a user who wishes to take over as moderator of an abandoned community, you can make a request. Several forums and discussions on Reddit actively need moderators, so check out r/needamod to see where you can help.

Promote your subreddits.

Reddit may be a great place to promote your brand or business since people tend to trust other people more. To begin, you should participate first in as many activities as possible. Posting something fresh will take some time. If you want to gain their trust, you should start posting in the subreddits that interest you. In your community description, use extensive and exact descriptions and names to assist visitors in discovering your community organically. You should also respond to every remark and communicate with your customers to boost your community.

Bottom Line

Indeed, Reddit is one of the platforms that is extremely advantageous for businesses to use. Reddit would be able to maintain its relevance even if everything else on the internet changed. Reddit communities show that users are strengthening their bonds with each other through metrics like page visits, user interaction, and chats. This is why it is more crucial than ever to build a community on Reddit.

Follow the above steps and start building your own reddit community!

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