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8 Reasons Why Creating a Growth Roadmap is Essential for Startups

Startup business owner discussing growth roadmap

A growth roadmap is a visual record that provides specific and significant milestones of young companies. It acts as a marketable profile to powerful investors, performing employees, and loyal customers.

Think of it as the well-crafted resume or LinkedIn profile of the most sought after employee whom established companies aim to hire. 

To have an in-depth knowledge about growth strategy, there is a helpful list of reasons for creating marketing tactics specially tailored for young entrepreneurs below. 

1. Vision and Mission Builds Effective Branding

As the business’ journey begins to set sail, having a clear set of goals helps startups by determining whether it is fulfilling its short and long-term aspirations or not. This leads a company to a straight path as long as its vision and mission is understood by its employees. 

During analysis, these questions should be asked:

  • Is the service enough? 
  • Are the customers satisfied or do they need more?
  • What beneficial innovation activities can be put to practice to retain customers?

After the critical observation, the company can improve customer perception of the product and services which may lead to sales generation and purchases

2. Builds an Astounding Business Profile

If over a period of time, startups decide to expand with the absence of capital, approaching influential investors is the best option. However, marketing to a capitalist is excruciating without deliberate preparation. 

In this situation, a growth roadmap can be used in business presentations to attract potential investors. Financing is a gamble that not many businessmen plan to take as some fear to lose their hard-earned money; therefore, it is imperative to build a name through business successes to easily close a deal.

3. Provides Opportunities for Highly Skilled Employees

Business expansion requires workers who are socially competent, loyal, trustworthy, curious, analytical, problem solvers, leaders, and efficient. 

Finding the right person to appoint in a new business venture is daunting as one cannot afford losing. With the help of the roadmap, companies can keep a record of staff members who have been performing well from the very beginning. In due course, choosing the suitable person becomes effortless. 

4. Effectively Measures Failures 

Managing a business is an experiment. A business plan may look perfect, but once it is executed it has the possibility to fail. Write down failures or ask reliable employees to do so. As the old adage goes, “Failure is a person’s perfect teacher.” 

Recording fiascos can help the company determine what failed to work during product launching, deals with investors and employee management, so it will be avoided in the future. In this manner, business owners and employees can recognize business aspects that should be improved.

When addressing problems, it is highly recommended not to overlook small details. No matter how minor the issue is, there is a high probability that it will cause a major setback to the organization if it is not settled properly. 


5. Measures Successes

Successes are the results of failures and hard work on which every company values itself. Documenting achievements through infographics that are accessible to the public is another strategy to trigger customers to purchase products and services. Customers put more trust in companies that thrive despite adversities.

It should also be noted that progress assesses the readiness of a business to open branches globally. If it is stable enough based on reviewing its roadmap, then it can start allocating its funds to a new enterprise.

6. Provides Skills Gap Analysis

Skilled employees breathe life to a business. With their diverse knowledge, they can deliver results while working independently. On the other hand, inexperienced staff may not be able to communicate work-related concerns and ideas effectively; thus, the reputation of a company can be tarnished.

Skills gap analysis paves the way to discovering whether the competencies that workforce possess is adequate to sustain business growth or if training or hiring is necessary to meet what employers need. 

7. Encourages Employee Gratification

It is not always about the company. There are times when employees feel less compensated in exchange of their work. As a result, some of the best employees demand for a raise while others leave.

Before this happens, use the growth roadmap and other supporting or relevant documents to analyze if the business has enough funds to finance salary increase. 

Other compensations such as reward and recognitions should always be awarded to exceptionally performing employees to keep them motivated at work. Motivated workers are happy, and happy workers exceed expectations. 

8. Enforces Eco-Friendly Cost-cutting Practices

Global problems continue to emerge due to improper use of inventions and resources. Several materials used in most companies are produced from plastic and paper. With the evolution of technology, human beings can limit the number of waste being contributed.

Having said that, it is appropriate to use technology to cut company expenditures that only contribute to the degradation of the environment. Instead of buying paper for the office, computers can be used as a medium to communicate messages to employees and customers.

After all, pen and paper will likely be obsolete by the time people belonging to Generation Z will be dominating the consumer population. Gen Z’ers will likely be more highly dependent on social media and search engines to find products and services that they need and learn more about the companies they support.

Overall, growth roadmap is an important factor to consider when competing with businesses that are in the same industry. It will show the potholes that must be addressed and resolved along the road and it also helps pave the right path to take to attain success. 

Bear in mind that a growth roadmap is highly applicable to established companies as well. A thriving company that started from nothing should continue to monitor its growth to determine what marketing strategies it needs to adapt in order to keep up with the inevitable changes in the evolving business market.


Do you have a pro-tip for creating an effective growth roadmap? Share with us your awesome ideas!

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