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How To Make Excellent Video Content Without Breaking The Bank For Startups

video content - startups

Today, the majority of worldwide consumers prefer video content over written content. A 2017 report by Magisto stated that businesses spend more than $20,000 annually for creating video content. 

This is due to the fact that Video Content for advertising is easier to comprehend and remember. The trends in digital content marketing continue to change as newer channels for advertising businesses are being developed. These trends include the need to adapt to an increasingly fast-paced and enticing way to get customers’ attention and ensuring they get the brand’s message across.

How can startups produce quality video content for their business? The answer is simple: Form a team of professionals specializing in designing branding and promotional videos.

Hiring a professional video production crew can be expensive especially for startups whose budget is being maximized for other fundamental parts of the business. But today, businesses can already produce great video content even with a minimal budget.

That being said, to be able to successfully maximize the business’s budget for video content production, it is important to have these 4 key members for their ideal video content marketing team:


Video content production is impossible without having the person-in-charge behind the camera. Hiring a good cinematographer is a good way to start this—that is, if the business has enough budget for this.

However, working with low to zero budget can give a tough time for businesses to employ a professional cinematographer. One way to solve this is to find someone within the four walls of the company with the strongest command on the camera. Given the fact that the current generation is so obsessed with social media, there is a possibility that business owners don’t need to look too far to find someone who is good at operating the camera. They can actually give the business advantages when it comes to conveying the company’s unique structure and story.


In order to execute each video systematically, it is important to have a writer. Writers can easily plan out the details of the video content. They are able to provide a message that the video will help convey to the audience in a more appealing manner.

Meanwhile, when planning and writing video content, there are factors that should be considered, such as:

  • Key Message
  • Type of Video Content to be used (Interview, product review, company culture, presentation, etc.)
  • Call-to-action
  • Duration
  • Bonus footage (Behind the Scenes, Teasers, etc.), if any

Another thing to keep in mind is how the content in the video is conveyed to the audience. It is also important to predetermine the approach of the video. Will it be professional-looking to grab the attention of investors and CEO’s? Or will it be a fun-filled approach to appeal to a younger audience? The best way to determine these is to look for videos on Youtube, Vimeo or other video streaming platforms to know how to make effective techniques in creating more expressive video content.


Sound is one of the fundamental factors in video content making. It helps the video penetrate not only the sense of sight but also the auditory senses of the audience. However, some filmmakers, especially amateurs, usually overlook the power of sound in their video not knowing that it gives a great impact on the intended message of their video. Imagine filming an interview with a guest while kids playing and laughing can be audibly heard in the background. It causes an unnecessary distraction on the part of the viewers.

A sound effects artist can add the right background music or sound to add impact to a video. A sound director, on the other hand, can ensure that the video has the right scoring for its audio and background noise is likewise minimized segments for the video are being shot.

Startup’s working with a minimal budget should consider adding a sound effects artist or sound director when creating their very own video content marketing team. 

If the video content requires interviewing a public figure or official, startups should be able to sign a model release form that enables the video content creation team to show their footage publicly under legal structures.


Editing comes last in making video content. Although hiring a professional editor is a great way to nail this, their service charge can be expensive as well. As for businesses that operate with a minimal budget, editing can be done in-house.

Being a professional video editor is not required as video editing software has become cheaper and more user-friendly today. This can help the business to edit their content in-house.

Here are some basic steps on how to edit a video content:

  • Upload all the footage into the editing platform.
  • Sync up the recorded sound, if there are any to the footage.
  • Sift all the footages and pick the usable ones from those that are not.
  • Arrange all footage in the proper sequence to help the video tell the story in the most compelling way possible.
  • Add relevant sound for the intro and outro of the video.
  • Add graphics and designs. Consider adding the company logo or name. Consider adding lower thirds to the interview as well. Lower thirds introduce the person being interviewed in the video by appearing at the bottom part of the video that contains the name and position of the one being interviewed.
  • Plan how the video will end. Remember to add the business’ website and social media accounts to boost site traffic and audience engagement. Adding calls-to-action can make it even accessible and clear throughout.

Possessing the right team and tools in making video content is one way to thrust a startup’s brand to the top. Startup owners must always remember that there are practical alternatives to video content creation which they can use to help maximize their resources and extend their full potential.

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