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How to Win Prospect Clients in Digital Marketing

Searching for a small object, like a lost needle in a big messy room, is like diving into an ocean of ‘sharkville’ and hoping not to see one. In the end, you realize that the point of finding it is not about focusing on where you last saw the object. Rather, it is more about the effort you put into finding it.

In the same manner, finding and capturing the attention of target clients in digital marketing entails putting your best foot forward right from the start. If you want to find the clients, you might want to check all the boxes that could possibly get you a signature for a contract. You can compare it to dressing up for a first date. The way you present yourself and your business influences whether a client decides to do business with you or not.

Gaining new clients in digital marketing can also be likened to courtship. You need to charm your prospects by making a good first impression.

Choose a color to wear

People want something that has a taste of difference—an aroma of uniqueness. A great example of this would be a motif or a concept that states your focus. You already have a vision, why not highlight it and allow your clients to discern how much they can benefit from collaborating with you. Give them the chance to explore the specific ways you can help deliver higher productivity for them using the concept or proposal that you present.

Create a concept based on your company’s goals so your targets can understand better the purpose of your business. Some companies are not recognized by their name alone. Recognition also comes with the meaning and objective of the brand. One of the most effective ways to represent your company is by creating a unique logo. You can showcase your brand logo on a sign, an ad, or even on a bumper sticker—easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to remember.

By having a concrete concept of who you are or what digital marketing agency company you are, you can define more clearly what you can do for your customers.

A literal understanding of this approach can also be based on refutable research, titled Impact of Color on Marketing by Satyendra Singh. According to Singh’s research, Research relating to choice of colors should be conducted and concluded before launching a product, as the wrong color choice can have a negative impact on the image of the product and the company.”

Overdressing it

If you want to wear a bracelet, then make that your driver. Wearing both a necklace and a bracelet is too much on a party date.

One thing that is usually underestimated and forgotten when managing a digital marketing agency is harmony and balance. When trying to impress your date, you normally wouldn’t wear all clothing items of the same brand all at the same time, would you? The same truth holds for keeping clients engaged with your business. Sometimes, a little restraint works wonders.

When making a business deal or closing a sale, make sure you don’t “suffocate” your clients or leads with excessive marketing talk and promotions. The last thing you want to do is appear too aggressive and drive away potential customers. 

If you have multiple plans and offers, make it look like a package of dominos and make each one work well for the other features offered. People fear to sign into a complicated contract.

Make sure it’s a ‘go and dance’ outfit

Now that businesses are immersed in an advanced level of digital and technological marketing arena, it is important to take ‘flexibility’ more seriously.

People change their minds every time. Their unpredictable buying decision should no longer be news to you if you are in tune with what your audience demands. Even if you seem to have memorized your customers’ buying behavior, you must accept the fact that they could change their decision anytime. It is, therefore, necessary for you to prepare backup plans and provide alternative offers to ensure you can roll with the punches and deliver no matter how dynamically your customers’ demands may shift.

Make sure your offer is easily adaptable to your client’s needs without compromising the company’s objectives.

Do not just ‘dress to win’ it all, shake something up

Relying solely on your business portfolio is not enough. Gone are those days when you create a logo to differentiate a company or an organization. Modern-day marketing is not just about uniqueness. It is also about establishing the right brand for your services. This includes allowing your prospect to know the message you want to convey behind the design of your logo or the presentation of your website and social media pages. What do the colors in your logo, banner, and website symbolize?

According to Harvard Business Review, descriptive logos are often associated with a higher willingness to buy. Similar research conducted by Jonathan Luffarelli and Mudra Mukesh supports the said claim. Their work stressed the importance of logo design, citing that underestimating the impact and the power of descriptive design elements can sometimes lead to a costly mistake.

Portfolios and design samples should have a description and a reason behind the picture to take branding up a notch and give justice to your company’s effort to connect.

Know who you’re looking for

Usually, when dressing up for a date, you tend to wonder what thoughts your partner would have about your outfit. Would it impress them or would it turn them off?

When looking for a client, you do not simply create a cookie-cutter template. It would be best to customize different packages for each service to meet the specific demands of each client. One of the best things about creating a distinct offer unlike any other is it makes clients feel valued. It gives them the impression that you are willing to go at lengths to ensure their expectations and needs are aptly addressed.

Before you can achieve this, first you need to know who your targets are and what they are looking for. Market Analysts usually concentrate so much on how to win the crown to earn bragging rights over their competitors. In other words, they are more focused on serving a tastelessly cold pancake on their rival’s table than they are in gauging the concerns of their clients.

Sometimes, it is hard to argue about what to prioritize, especially when businesses left and right are stuck seeking for a winning strategy. Digital marketing agencies are often shaken by ‘we might win this time’ mindset that it drives them to forget some of the most crucial aspects of gaining loyal customers and attaining success and stability. At the end of the day, what matters is how well-equipped you are when you show up on the battlefield. It is how you absorb new information and process your past mistakes to get better and become more competent in your area of expertise.

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