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The Big Question About Online Gambling: Is It Legal and Safe?

When you see gambling games online, what is the first question that pops into your head?

Do you wonder whether it is safe and legal?

The answer both a yes and a no. Yes because depending on your location and the parameters given by law, you may be allowed to place a bet online, but the domain of the site has to be from a different country. There is much to be known about the perimeters and limitations of gambling and running casinos online, and this blog aims to help shed light on all that.

Firstly, what is online gambling?

Any bets placed over the internet is considered as online gambling. Its background dates back to 1994 when Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing act which provides licenses for organizations that apply for opening an online casino. The late 1990s was the era that online gambling became popular. Its patrons increased from 15 websites in 1996 to 200 websites in 1997.

Put simply, online gambling is legal, depending on where you live. For you to truly know if a gambling website is safe and legal, there needs to be a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. The certificate is what makes a website secure to browse and gamble on since it provides an encrypted link between you and your players. The SSL certificate is always paired with a customer support team with sufficient knowledge and background in understanding the sport’s lingo.

What matters is as long as the gambling website is not located in the United States, it is legal. Knowing this, there are legal online gambling sites and games that you should be familiar with if you want to try gambling through an online casino.

Types of Legal Online Gambling Sites:

  1. Sports Betting
  2. Best Online Casinos
  3. Gambling Apps
  4. Crypto
  5. Horse Racing
  6. Real Money

1. Sport Betting

Sports betting sites are one of the highest grossing for both the gambling and gaming world. This is because the money is secure especially when you know an online sportsbook. Their bets are flexible, competitive, and allow you to reap huge rewards. The most betted sport sites include Football, NFL, Basketball, NBA, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, NASCAR, MMA/UFC, Boxing, eSports, and Horse Racing.

2. Best Online Casinos

This is basically gambling on your favorite casino through their own online domain. Some of the usual games you get to play on these gambling sites are Slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, and Poker. It would also depend on which region you are from and who you deem provides more rewards when you play their games.

3. Gambling Apps

Gambling apps are the best for those who are always on their phone. When a player is too lazy to open their laptops or PCs for a quick game of poker or slots, they can access it with just the tip of their fingers. Convenience gets more players, potentially increases the possibility of engaging with the operator and also boosts revenue through the app. 

4. Crypto

Crypto gambling sites give the players their money they won in the form of cryptocurrency. The crypto method of payment is a convenient and hassle-free way for players to keep playing and availing more of the site or game’s features. It also focuses on the security of both the payee and the receiver since the copy of the ledger needs to appear in multiple computers instead of one otherwise it would be flagged.

5. Horse Racing

Regular gamblers typically enter or frequent a horse racing event and place their bets there as they watch their favorite horse and rider gallop their way into the finish line and claim their money right there and then. After horse racing gambling sites and apps were established, it gave players more control over their wagers. Available races for online betting include: Thoroughbred Racing, Jump Racing, and Harness Raising. Announced events gather the most bets and are likewise the ones that reach immense fame almost instantly.

6. Real Money

When betting, you would usually play for credits which can be exchanged for real money. But when playing for real money, there is a tendency to get swept by excitement. There is the possibility of losing all your hard-earned money if you lose. It takes strategic playing and also the capability to balance things and know when you are about to exceed your limits and do something before you give in.

Let’s round back to the question, is online gambling legal and safe?

Generally, yes. You just have to make sure that the website has an SSL and a reliable customer support team. Here’s another crucial fact: Always check that the gambling site has an existing content moderation team that exterminates scammer accounts to allow a safer playing environment. The last thing that gambling patrons want to happen is to lose money to an identity thief.

Like many other types of online games and digitally accessible forms of entertainment and leisure, online gambling is designed for specific preferences. It has its fair share of pros and cons, but the limit to how you enjoy it and generate a favorable experience out of it will also depend on how much you know about the game.

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