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Online Casino VS Land-based Casino: Which One is Better?

online casino vs land based casino

Gambling has been a popular form of entertainment ever since its establishment. Often, people turn to gambling to relieve stress or to unwind. Even some historical figures are known to have been regular patrons of gambling.

As time went by, casinos have continued to evolve until such time that it has now shifted from formerly being mainly land-based to having an online counterpart to its physical establishments. Eventually, businessmen began investing in online casinos rather than in building more land-based branches.

The question now is this: Are online casinos ready to take over land-based casinos? Or are land-based casinos still unbeatable, given that lavish and big-time casinos in across Europe, in the Atlantic and in Las Vegas are still continuously flourishing?

Below is a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages between a land-based casino and an online casino:


Land-based Casino: If a person wishes to experience loud surroundings with flashing lights and enjoy the company of fellow players, then an actual land-based casino is the best choice. The first-hand experience that players get to undergo is arguably more exciting and more interesting than gambling online.

The only disadvantage to this is when some people get addicted that they find themselves stuck and unable to leave the casino’s premises. It can also be quite a hassle for people to travel far just so they can play their favorite casino game.

Online Casino: Online casinos have a contrasting character. Depending on where a person chooses to play, it is generally more peaceful. There are no excessive noise, no flashing lights, no table service and zero human interaction.

But, that doesn’t make the game boring because web designers try to recreate virtual casinos and make it as realistic as ever in order to generate the best possible experience for online gamblers. It is convenient and it can be accessed by players anytime, anywhere.


Land-based Casino: Money attracts scammers, thieves and even grave misunderstandings. This is why land-based casinos are more prone to instance of theft and brawls.

People in casinos often enter the establishment with tons of money and leave empty-handed. Meanwhile, some enter the casino with just the right amount of money, then later on get lucky and head home with tons of cash in hand.

Whichever scenario becomes the outcome of one’s visit to their local casino, players are often reminded to be mindful of their belongings and play at their own risk.

Online Casino: On the other hand, those who prefer online casinos must ensure that the website where they are playing is not a scam. In other words, it is safe, legitimate and does not host any type of malware, online phishing schemes or any other types of scams.

While hackers pose a threat to the safety of online casinos and their patrons, an excellent defense system paired with routine updates and monitoring on the website and on the users’ activities can generally counter these threats.

In addition, since the casinos are virtual, then payments are often done virtually as well. From cryptocurrency to using payment transfer software, there is lesser incidence of theft and misplacing a player’s wallet or money.


Land-based Casino: A lot of players patronize land-based casinos for the one-of-a-kind experience it brings. The sound of cheers and frustrations from real people, the feel of the actual slot machines and facilities fascinate some players, especially the first-timers.

They get to socialize with other casino-goers and feel the real action while playing. The allure of land-based casinos does not end in the experience of gaming. The experience extends through perks and services offered by the management, including lodging, accommodations, catering, buffets and free show tickets to name some.

Online Casino: On the contrary, online casino entails playing while enjoying solitude. Some players are not really keen on social interaction. They would rather be in their own comfort zone, playing their casino games of choice.

It can also be highly convenient for people who live far from land-based casinos, but wish to gamble or play. Not only does it help them save gas money, it also enables them to manage their time better since it is easier for them to leave the virtual premises of an online casino.


Land-based Casino: More often than not, the issue between players and the casino is its distance. The proximity of land-based casinos to the location of some players can be a problem. If a gamer lives within the area of the gaming house, then this is highly convenient for them.

On the other hand, if the casino is located in another city, which is the common scenario, players would have to travel just so they could enter or visit the nearest casino to their town. It adds additional cost to the participants especially for those who reside outside of the country.

The plus side to this is that, given that players who live far only get the opportunity to visit a casino every once in a while, the experience also becomes more memorable and worthwhile. At times, it also feels better to receive assistance from the casino crew because it helps people find what they need more easily. It likewise keeps first-timers from getting lost or being fooled by scammers.

Online Casino: With online casinos, games can be played at home or anywhere the gamer prefers, as long as there is a stable internet connection. It requires no dress code and advance reservations are also not needed. Gamers likewise have control over their time, which means that they can have a break anytime they want and resume the game whenever they want to.


Land-based Casino: Land-based casinos are known for offering huge prices that is worthy enough for a gamer to take a long trip just to be able to gamble with the reward. 

Online Casino: Online casinos also offer huge jackpots that people usually do not expect. In addition to that, online gaming allows contenders to play multiple games at once. This increases the chances of winning and accumulating more money.

During situations where a lot of players are playing at once, there is also a faster buildup of the jackpot; a scenario that is common for both online and land-based casinos.


Land-based Casino: Tables and slot games are the usual scenery inside a land-based casino. The only hindrance is that, such games can only accommodate a limited number of players, which means that some casino goers will have to wait for their turn. Nevertheless, gaming is truly

Online Casino: Opposite to land-based casinos are online casinos which offers a wide range of games including video slots, scratch cards, and bingo. Some also offer live stream from an actual casino to enable online gamers to participate.

They ensure high-quality games that players do not need to wait. Choices are either play with a computer program, the actual video streamed casino, or just like in land-based, at a table with other players.


Land-based Casino: Promotions in land-based casinos can usually accommodate a wider space for bigger and more diverse attractions. The more options are presented to players, the longer they will stay. However, while it is effective in attracting more players, it also drives costs on the part of the management up the roof. Thus, players may not gain that big of a return from participating in the casino’s promos.

Online Casino: There is also an abundance of promotions in online casinos. Bonuses such as free spins and even watching ads to gain additional coins or chances of winning can be easily incorporated in online casino games. Most online casinos offer free money that requires no deposit during the initial games played by new users.

This is in addition to the regular promotions given to increase jackpot and attract customers. Such promotions are usually in the form of free money and credits. Online casinos even offer money for friend referrals, something that is uncommon and inapplicable for land-based casinos.


Land-based Casino: VIP members usually prefer land-based casinos because they can experience first-hand the special treatment that they can get from being prestigious members of their casino of choice.

Land-based casinos’ VIP treatments usually consist of complimentary drinks, world-class accommodation to beautiful resorts, expensive suites and private hotels. In addition, VIPs have assigned staff ready to accompany and assist them whenever they need.

Online Casino: Each online gambling site varies in terms of what is offered to VIP members. Online casinos don’t offer complimentary drinks or exclusive access to high-class amenities. Instead, players are offered a membership to a VIP club, where points are collected depending on how often users play, participate in promos and avail the casino’s features and services.

The more VIP members engage in gambling, the faster they climb up VIP ranks in the online casino’s exclusive club. Some of the exclusive features offered to VIP club members include cashback, special bonuses and terms and conditions that cater to distinctive member preferences. Special draws are likewise included as part of the VIP membership. 

Whatever choice casino gamblers prefer, it often boils down to the option that adheres to most (if not all) of their personal gambling preferences and goals for participating in a game.

Land-based casinos will continue to operate for as long as there are countless customers regularly visiting and switching from one game to another. Online casinos are highly convenient and revolutionary, and its features suit a specific set of options and inclinations. In other words, it may not be applicable and practical to everyone.

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