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Online Gaming Email Marketing Tips to Convert Leads into Customers

99% of consumers check their email every day.

Online gaming is considered to be a lucrative business because of the rapidly increasing number of video gamers. There are currently over 2.5 billion players worldwide—proof that there are a large number of players that online gaming businesses can reach through email marketing. 

Email marketing allows businesses to target specific groups or individuals as a way of developing and maintaining a good relationship with prospects and customers. Albeit exceeded by instant messaging and social media, emails are more formal and personal in nature. When an email is delivered to the inbox of target recipients, the chances are people will usually take the time to go through the email’s content. In contrast, promotional content or ad shared on social media has a higher tendency of being ignored or scrolled through by target leads. In short, there is real value in email marketing that online gaming businesses should employ if they truly wish to build a stronger rapport with their existing audience and convert more leads.

Before we delve into the tips, let us find out the various types of effective email marketing that your business can send to leads and customers. 

What are the Different Types of Email Marketing?

1. Digital Magazine or Newsletter contains the summary of articles published on your website. It contains visually appealing images with headlines, introductions, and CTAs to encourage recipients to continue reading. 

2. Welcome Email is used to express your appreciation to customers for choosing your business as their provider, subscribing to a newsletter, or signing up to a free trial. A Welcome Email is the right time to inform readers about your brand, products and/or services. 

3.  Event Email informs prospects and customers of an upcoming event which your business will be hosting or joining. To entice people to join the event, it would be best to inform them of the main reason they should be attending.

4.  Tutorial Email bears instructional and educational content because of how it provides email recipients with new knowledge on how to improve their lives more effectively.

5.  Review Request is sent to customers who have had a great user experience with your brand. Their positive testimonials are then posted to social media sites to help build the trust of potential customers.

6. Receipt Email is the order confirmation sent to customers after completing a transaction. It provides an effective channel for including offers which may interest customers including products or services related to their last purchase or discount coupons. 

7. Limited Offer Email notifies customers of a promotion that is available for a short period of time only. Email content with limited offers and a sense of urgency instantly captures the attention of customers and keeps them engaged. 

8.  Re-engagement Email is sent out to customers who have exhibited a low level of engagement with your brand. Discount emails with the subject line “We miss you”, “Are you still interested” or “come back” are the best ways to capture the attention of those who are going to receive the email. 

Now that the top 8 different emails that should be regularly sent to leads and customers have been identified, it is time to shift the focus towards the strategies you need to integrate with your email marketing campaign to make it as personalized as possible. A personalized email makes customers feel more valued and is therefore useful in convincing them to become buying customers. 

The 10 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Online Gaming Businesses

1. Determine your Audience

Online gaming is known to audiences of all ages: baby boomers, millennials, and especially GenZers. However, there are specific demographics significantly more enthusiastic about playing online games than the rest of the population engaging in online gaming. It is crucial to find out and define who your audience is. It is best to execute demographic segmentation based on age, ethnicity, family size, gender, religion, income, and educational background of target audiences to ensure individuals who are truly interested in your business will be targeted. By isolating the market into smaller categories, your business can solely focus on a defined market; thus, you will be able to create campaigns that would fulfill their needs. 

2. Identify the Motivating Factors of your Core Audience

After determining your core audience, analyze the factors that will motivate online players to click the email you will be sending along with the corresponding call-to-action (CTA). It may be challenging and surprising to find out what prompts players to check your email if there are no online game players in your team. Supplement your email marketing content with interviews as well as surveys related to your audiences’ interests and the features that your business offers. 

3. Find out the Best Time to Send Emails

Online gamers tend to stay awake until dawn or late morning to play games. Some choose to skip meals just so they can focus on completing a quest or upgrading their characters’ skills. While it might be tempting to send emails during the night, it would still be better to conduct the necessary research on your audiences’ lifestyles to ensure that the email will get the highest click-through rate (CTR). Review patterns on your email’s open rates to pinpoint hours where engagement is highest or lowest. You may also have the choice of experimenting through a trial-and-error method by sending the emails at various times to discover your customers’ schedules. 

4. Give the Best Offers

It is without a doubt that once players find your games to be interesting, these players will be unstoppable. It is easy for them to develop an attachment to your games especially if they find the games to be visually appealing and interactive. Their connection and loyalty with your brand will prompt you to create more engaging games that you have to introduce to them. With this in mind, you can feature a point-system or exclusive incentives in your incoming emails. The goal of the incentives is to encourage existing customers to try your new games or test additional features and offers. 

5. Analyze Behavior

It has been mentioned that demographic segmentation is important for your business to find its target market. However, you should not merely rely on that if you want to make your email marketing strategies more efficient. While your email recipients belong to a similar demographic, their level of engagement will still vary. Some are new while others may have not played games for quite a while; thus, it is impossible to send the same emails to all recipients. It is advisable to diversify your approach according to each recipient’s gaming behavior. If a player has not been active, incentives can be offered. But, if the player is new, an introduction to the different games and freebies is more appropriate. 

6. Provide Helpful Insights

A voucher is a surefire way to attract online game players to open their emails. This has been used by small to large-scale businesses as it is proven to be effective. On the other hand, online players also seek informative guides, facts, or tips to either motivate them to play better or teach them the best ways to be at the top of their game. This is the reason why it is essential to have interviews with a pro or create tutorial videos that will level-up their gaming experience. Remember, it is important to quench their thirst to keep them from seeking information from your competitors.

7. Add Spice

Some online gaming fans find ways to relax. They aim for games that give them pleasure or entertainment. When sending emails, make it a point to add a touch of creativity to continue piquing the interest of your target audiences. Instead of sending daily news or predictions related to the gaming industry, strategize the schedule of sending different types of emails such as vouchers, informative articles, and personal messages on a weekly or monthly basis.

8. Create a Player Community

Generally, gamers prefer single-player titles, but this fact should not hinder you from creating an inclusive community where players can interact. Players need to feel that they belong and that they are accepted by being able to communicate with other players through posting, commenting, having discussions, giving pieces of advice, or collaborating on quests. When you promote a shared community for your players, it will also be easier to send emails in bulk. These emails are intended to encourage players to participate and help strengthen the bond they share with you, the game developer and their fellow players.

9. Think of Exclusive Offers

Whenever there are newsworthy events, all media reporters exert every effort to have exclusive footage of that particular event and provide the necessary information to the public. Once the exclusive news is aired, viewers tend to stick with the channel to learn more about the said news, thereby driving a higher viewer rating for the broadcasting channel. 

In a similar sense, the viewers represent the online gamers while the high viewer rating symbolizes the click-through rates and conversions earned by your business. Your email marketing strategy is represented by the exclusive footage and gripping information broadcasted by you, the ‘reporter’. 

It is possible that you may share the same email marketing strategy with a competitor. The only way for you to stand out is if you can find a way to bring viable information and promotions to your audience more quickly than your competitors can.

10. Avoid Spam

Your business should be keen when sending emails to online gamers since these players are sure to have filtered the emails they receive. Emails that include “free” and “prize” can immediately alert spam filters. Hence, no matter how legitimate your email may be, it is still best to steer clear from these filters. Find ways to send emails that will go right into the inbox of the recipient. Test and try different approaches and constantly monitor open and engagement rates for each content. Analyze and discriminate between emails that your target audience deems favorable from those that they find least interesting or unimportant. Use this as your reference for how you can project your brand and reach out to your audience better through emails.

Wrapping it up  

Email marketing is not dead. If you want your business to continuously thrive in the huge gaming market, leverage email marketing to your advantage. Use it as the steering wheel that prompts recipients or customers to take the necessary action in order to drive them towards the bottom of the marketing funnel. 

Take note: It is also important to combine email marketing with social media marketing to achieve that holistic digital marketing approach for your business.

Make the proverb “prevention is better than cure” the inspiration for planning and sending emails to your leads and existing customers. A well-equipped email marketing tactic should be carried in the most efficient way possible to gain leverage over your competitors. Once your business is able to achieve its desired result, you will come to understand how crucial your email marketing strategies are for your brand. 

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