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We’re here to provide your weekly dose of helpful tips and the latest news in all things business. We deliver fresh news and information for digital agencies, gaming and gambling industries, payment solution providers and startup companies.

The digital age has paved the way for the online gaming industry to consistently reach new heights of development. Each year, the said industry never fails to devise new features that coincide with the dynamic expectations and demands of each customer demographic. People, especially gaming enthusiasts, have always been hooked on different genres of games. Thanks …

Since it was first introduced way back during the 1970s, the online gaming industry has continuously gained momentum and built a community of loyal and diverse gamers. It is currently known as one of the most engaging forms of entertainment for people of all ages. The online gaming industry comprises of different game genres. As such, …

With all the features and advantages that the internet has to offer to the current business industry, it is undeniable that different digital companies are emerging almost every day to make the best out of it. However, it is undeniable that there are also challenges coupled with going digital. Starting a digital agency without a proper …


Biztattler is your go-to blog site for all your online branding and digital marketing needs. A new name in the industry, we officially launched our business in August of 2019. Our website is specifically designed to function as a business-to-business blog.

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