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We’re here to provide your weekly dose of helpful tips and the latest news in all things business. We deliver fresh news and information for digital agencies, gaming and gambling industries, payment solution providers and startup companies.

Recent Blogs

A Starter’s Guide to Setting Up a Budget-Friendly Gaming PC

With the ongoing hype on the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X, many players think that the age of gaming PCs is over. Wrong. PC gaming is becoming more...
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Online Gaming and Data Privacy: The Risks, The Targets, and The Usual Suspects

Can you hear them—the internal screaming of gamers as they realize that their information has been stolen from their beloved games?  Have you heard of Razer’s and Minecraft’s controversial information...
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5 Tips to Stay Calm While Playing Online Games

Ears drumming, breath shaking, blood boiling, the impulse to smash everything in the room seems much better than going back to the game you just quit. How do you exactly...
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Biztattler is your go-to blog site for all your online branding and digital marketing needs. A new name in the industry, we officially launched our business in August of 2019. Our website is specifically designed to function as a business-to-business blog.

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