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lock and cars on top of a laptop

Fraud Prevention In The Online Gambling World

The online gambling industry is one of the most profitable industries in this generation’s economy. ...
Email marketing for online casino

Email Marketing: The Secret To Your Casino’s Success

Email marketing can be considered as one of the most efficient marketing strategies of all ...

Email Etiquette for Businesses: How to Ace Sales, Marketing & User Support Talks in 2022

Email is a vital part of business communication and cannot be ignored. Not only does ...
online payment fraud prevention strategies

Effective Strategies to Safeguard Your E-Commerce Business from Fraud

Online Payment Fraud refers to any illegal transaction committed by criminals online with the goal ...
A definitive walk through to esports and esports betting

E-sports and E-sports Betting: A Definitive Walkthrough

Electronic Sports (or eSports) is a type of sport that involves competitive video games. Today, ...
Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing In 2020: An Era Of Fictions

Digital marketing is a blanket term for all marketing products and services that solely depend ...

Customer Queue Management Challenges in 2021

A queue is critical in customer service. When offering customer service, it’s no secret that ...

Curb Your Live Chat Myths: 7 Misconceptions About Live Chat as a B2C Contact Channel

With an amazing array of useful features in streamlining customer engagement, live chat is arguably ...

Common Conundrums Customer Support Agents Solve

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Communication makes or breaks the relationship?’ This is the ...