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We’re here to provide your weekly dose of helpful tips and the latest news in all things business. We deliver fresh news and information for digital agencies, gaming and gambling industries, payment solution providers and startup companies.

There is nothing wrong with owning 2 or more businesses. It all just depends on how one handles and balances both.  Having more than one business is usually a common goal for every businessman because it signifies expansion and achievement. It is not unusual as well to own a second company in a different industry because …

In every business, generating leads should be among the top priorities. For a business to grow, having sufficient knowledge on the most suitable methods of generating additional leads is of the utmost importance.  But, if a startup or a business simply does not have enough lead generation strategies at its disposal, implementing the right tools and …

A recent report conducted by ZionMarketResearch states that on a global scale, Gambling and Betting Market size will surpass USD 155.4 Billion by 2024. Back then, running a gambling business is questionable. Now, online gambling and betting are considered to be the “new big thing”, with all the benefits, perks and money that it promises to …


Biztattler is your go-to blog site for all your online branding and digital marketing needs. A new name in the industry, we officially launched our business in August of 2019. Our website is specifically designed to function as a business-to-business blog.

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