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Customer Queue Management Challenges in 2021

A queue is critical in customer service.

When offering customer service, it’s no secret that long lines should be avoided at all costs. Customers are not big fans of waiting for several minutes or hours. The longer the customer is made to wait, the more it decreases the perceived value of purchasing from your business. With customer’s perception of your brand negatively affected, boosting ROI becomes farfetched. In that regard, customer queue management is vital for businesses.

A queue management system is a feasible solution designed to prevent that from happening. It optimizes the customer experience. If you manage your customers’ queue experience very well and reduce waiting time, your customer will feel delighted. Also, providing an efficient queuing system will result in a positive experience for customers. Meanwhile, poor queue management wastes time and leaves customers frustrated. 

The effective design and management of queues have major implications for how well any service-based organization caters to people. The queueing system’s main role is to ensure that customers are served in an orderly fashion while effectively reducing possibilities of turning these customers irate or unsatisfied with the company’s services. 

But, there is still more to queueing than reducing waiting time.

This article will give a full understanding of what a queue management system is, its benefits, along with some tips on how to choose a solution to the trickiest queueing challenges. 

Learn how effective queue management benefits your customers and your business.

What Is Customer Queue Management

A Queue Management System is a system that assists in controlling customer flow and makes sure that customers get served in a controlled and regulated manner. It manages the customer’s waiting time throughout the entire purchasing process or inquiry, thereby enhancing customer experience across multiple industries.

Another key definition of a queueing system is having a service facility at which customers arrive for service. Whenever there are more customers in the system than the service facility can handle simultaneously, a queue develops.

Benefits of Queue Management System

As a business, one of your primary goals is to make your customer experience with your services as convenient and as smooth as possible. Long lines tend to give the impression that you are wasting their precious time. When not addressed and resolved properly, both existing customers and potential new buyers will likely avoid or leave rather than choose to wait and stay for longer periods.

In contrast, a queueing system can manage your customers’ experience and improve your operational efficiency. Also, this will help you gain insights into how your employees and customers interact with each other. That way, you’ll know the gray areas that you need to improve. This is just part of what your business can accomplish. There are additional benefits we can reap from queueing solutions. 

Here are five benefits you can have by incorporating an effective queue management system.

Reduce wait times

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting in slow queues without knowing when the wait could be over. The number one benefit of using online queue management is it can reduce how much time customers spend waiting for their turn to be assisted. Meaning, what was once a 10-minute wait may take only 5 minutes or feel like a 3-minute appointment. By creating a more efficient queuing procedure, you can also reduce walkaways and increase your company’s revenue.

Customer Retention

Long queues often lead to over 80% of customers switching to a competitor. With that, queue management makes it possible for businesses to reduce potential losses and keep customers happy. A happy customer can turn into a loyal customer. If you can offer a great experience throughout their entire visit, they are more likely to come back and recommend your services to others.

Reduce uncertainty with notifications and messaging

Customers can get snappy if they don’t know when they are going to be called or entertained. With a Queue Management System, they can get SMS or email notifications to remind them of their appointments. Additionally, your staff can send them details on how to prepare for their appointment, or guide them to self-check-in links. With instant messages in the form of digital signage, customers will know which store or branch is open, which services are available, and take a peek at the current wait times.

Employees satisfaction                               

One of the benefits of queue management systems is improved employee satisfaction. Assisting several customers at the same time can be quite confusing. Your staff will spend a large portion of their time dealing with different customers, ensuring clients have proper documentation, and trying to calm the nerves of frustrated ones.

But, if the queues are properly tracked and managed, your staff can focus on other key components of their job, be more productive, and have better interaction with a satisfied customer base. Also, queues can make your employees more informed and more helpful when assisting clients. A happy staff means happy customers!

Streamline communication

Online queue management systems can provide excellent assistance to each customer in their language. Visitors can pick their preferred language, reducing confusion and letting you know how to approach them.

A queue management system establishes communication early and simplifies it during and even beyond the transaction. With the help of their smartphones, customers can be alerted about the delays or changes of the service, as to their place in line and send information that will help staff serve them better.

Beyond the feeling of relief when their number is called, what is important is the relationship that’s being established between the business and their target customer.

Queue Management System—Challenges and How to Resolve It?

Each company has its own strengths and, obviously, its own challenges.

You may offer the best product or service, but there will still be problems and challenges that could arise. It can involve communication barriers, technical problems, or a need for innovative technology to keep up with evolving customer needs.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges of managing customer queues have gotten worse. There’s the limited face-to-face contact and the need to figure out how to reduce congestion in public areas and easily congested spaces. These are just the tip of the typical challenges that queue management systems have to look at and assess carefully.

Here are the top challenges of the queue management system and tips on how to solve these pressing challenges once and for all.

Waiting time

Waiting time is common in every sector of the industry. When your customer is waiting in an awfully long line, it results in unrest and annoyance. Most of the time, when a customer is in the middle of a queue, they think about how much time they need to wait for their number to be called. This could result in customers switching to another competitor. It can also be the cause of negative impressions among your target demographic as customers always rate their experience. Customer feedback has a strong impact on your reputation in the market.

Pro Tip:

This dilemma can easily be avoided by providing an efficient digital queue management system. The queue management systems (QMS) or customer flow management systems can solve this problem very well. By mainstreaming your visitors and customers’ flow, you can easily avoid crowd formation within your customer helpdesk centers. 

Customers Experience

The customer’s experience is considered the backbone of every business. Customers’ expectations are way too high, especially now that most customers are tech-savvy. In a competitive market, you must strive to be the best in order to win over your customer. Nowadays, it is easy to switch to another competition because of a bad experience. As such, it is vital to be highly proactive in improving the customer experience.

Pro Tip:

The queue management system allows the efficient regulation of the flow of your customer support services from one customer to the next. A smooth-sailing process of entertaining one query or concern after the other leaves customers satisfied. A queue management system that suits your business needs should also aid in providing updates and information regularly. Ticketing information along with the multimedia content are displayed to help the customers to ease the waiting time. Additionally, the queue system can have multilingual compatibility to accommodate a broader demographic of customers.

System Error

Indeed, nothing in this world is perfect. Any type of business today can experience glitches and systematic errors. It is a common problem that usually arises during a transaction, which can either be caused by bugs in the system or an operating system that requires immediate updates. Another possible cause of a system error involves fixing the codes in the program that runs the system. The more complex the error and the longer it takes to resolve it, the bigger the crowd of waiting customers forms outside your establishment.

Pro Tip:

The queue management system has an outline on how to deal with this kind of situation. It can start by informing the clients that there is an ongoing system error or a scheduled update that is about to take place. That way, you can inform your customers ahead of time and keep them in the loop for when your systems are ready and up and running once again.


Eventually, the queue management system helps industries to scale their business. It is not about how good your product or services are, but how you provide a commendable customer experience. It will help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Regardless of the nature of your business, the queue management system will help ensure you meet your audience’s demands and expectations consistently.

Longer queuing and waiting is one of the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction in the industries. As such, most industries prefer a seamless and advanced solution to manage how customer concerns are lined up and addressed one by one. More importantly, the said system has been proven useful for when service providers want to 

identify and group together customers based on their concerns and queries, before relaying them to a suitable agent or customer support representative.

Don’t keep your customers waiting!

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