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The Top Customer Service Outsourcing Companies 2023 Edition

Another year passes once again. For the business industry, it’s time to once again dust up those marketing strategies—the annual new year’s resolution, if you will.

Of course, a reigning priority is the retention and acquisition of customers. This makes customer service an integral part of your brand, especially due to the fact that it involves a lot of contact with the clients. Customers expect quality service and an exceptional and satisfying buying experience.

Not every business can afford this, however. The overall cost of employees, equipment, and other resources can be too much. This is when outsourcing from customer service BPO companies comes into play and saves the day.

Perhaps you’re considering the idea, but you don’t know who to contact or where to look for the right company. Well, to save you the effort, we’ve done our part and done the research. Without further ado, here’s a curated list of customer support outsourcing companies you can check out.

1. New Media Services (NMS)

A customer service outsourcing business with its headquarters in Amsterdam, New Media Services was founded in 2007. The business offers high-caliber, intelligent services for various industries by combining human labor and machine learning.

Their services are multilingual and available for a 24/7 operation. The company has three main services: customer support, chat operator services, and content moderation services. Under customer support are the following:

  • Customer Support
  • Contact Center
  • Multilingual Call Center
  • Inbound Call Center
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Support Outsourcing

You can tailor the services you want to avail, as NMS has a flexible pricing point. All you need to do is contact their sales team, and they will get back to you in a jiffy with a quote.

2. Skycom

SkyCom Call Center, or just SkyCom, has been providing call center services for 15 years and is based in Florida, USA. They have offices located in six other countries, allowing for a better global operation, and are also experienced in multiple industries. For those reasons, it is one of the top 10 call center companies.

Skycom uses AI technology alongside their human resources and provides solid employee lawsuit protection. They offer the following services:

  • Telemarketing & sales Services
  • Customer Support 
  • IT Support Services
  • Back Office Services * – internal processes (data entry)
  • Phone Systems * – CRM system, phone and dialer platform, chat function
  • Collection Services* – debt collection 
  • Chat Services

Google, Trivago, and American Express are among their top clients. You can use their free consultation to create a plan that works with your requirements.

3. Helpware

Helpware is a multi-award winning company that also dabbles in multiple industries, including food, personal care, and transportation. Helpware has nine offices worldwide, with the main headquarters located in Kentucky, USA. It was established in 2015 and aims to focus on “people as a service.”

They offer the following services:

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Back-Office Support
  • Digital Marketing Support 
  • Content Control and Verification
  • Data Labeling 
  • Start-Up Acceleration
  • AI Operations 
  • Human in the Loop 

They have five teams working in customer support, multilingual support, technical support, the back office, and customer success. As for their data labeling service, Helpware uses a tool that delivers faster results to the client. Their “Human in the Loop” feature, meanwhile, is simply for tasks that require a human’s delicate attention.

Arrange a cost-effective plan with Helpware’s flexible pricing. Simply click on the “Contact Us” button to get in touch with their sales team.


A telecommunications and digital communications service provider with expertise across many industries is They were established in 2015 and are based in Los Altos, California.

Here are the services they offer:

  • 24/7 live receptionists
  • 24/7 live chat
  • AI-powered real-time responses 
  • Payment collection and processing integration
  • Appointment setting and callback scheduling
  • Outbound calls
  • Spam and sales call blocking with call screening
  • Small to large outreach campaigns
  • Soliciting client reviews
  • Sales prospecting and follow-up
  • Marketing promotions

Smith has flat rate plans and custom plans for some of their services. It varies by service, level, and the add-ons included. As for the live chat, there is a free option in which you can use their AI bot to automatically capture, screen, and convert leads.

  • Virtual Receptionist – Starter, Basic, Pro, Custom
  • Outreach Campaigns – Starter, Basic, Pro, Custom
  • Live Chat – A La Carte, Starter, Basic, Pro 

5. Integra

Integra Global Solutions Corp. is a customer service outsourcing company operating since 2004 and primarily located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. They also have other branches located in the UK, India, and the Philippines.

Their outsourcing model is based on producing efficient services with a minimum head count. Integra is also one of the companies with 24/7 customer service. These are some of the services they offer:

  • Telephone support
  • E-mail or ticketing Support
  • Technical support
  • Live chat support
  • Complaint Handling Service 

As seen above, they have a dedicated team just for complaint handling. This can be especially helpful to your in-house customer service representatives.

Their services are offered at competitive rates, allowing you to customize and get the most bang for your buck.

6. Back Office Betties

If you’re still skeptical because you haven’t heard a thing about these companies, why not try Back Office Betties? Back Office Betties has been featured on television several times; some of the prominent ones include BBC Work Life and Business News Daily.

The company was established in 2014 and used to cater to multiple industries too. Then the CEO, Emily La Rusch, decided to focus firmly on the legal industry instead and never looked back. They have offices across the USA and Canada, with the main one located in New Braunfels, Texas.

According to their website, there is a guaranteed no-hold policy, outbound call requests will be addressed within 90 minutes, you will receive an update within 24 hours, and there is an around the clock friendly receptionist. When they fail to meet these, they’ll send a $100 gift card and donate another $100 to your chosen charity.

By selecting one of their many flexible and cost-effective plans, you can use their virtual receptionist services:

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Basic – Rolling 100, Gliding 200, Easy Rider 400
  • High Volume – Flying 500, Rocket 1500, Racing Unlimited (for solo firms only)
  • Live Web Chat Monitoring
    • $50 per month
  • Virtual Assistant Plans (hours per month, additional fee for additional hours)
    • 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, 60 hours

7. Wing

If you have a startup company or a small to medium-sized business (SMB), Wing Assistant can be your reliable partner. Wing is a multinational virtual assistant business that serves SMBs, new businesses, and executives. Their main office is located in Irvine, California.

Wing is also no stranger to publicity, having been featured in Business Insider and even Forbes. 

Their highly trained VAs use AI, just like some of the businesses on this list, to provide their services with both quality and speed. They offer around-the-clock operation, but not by default. Their assistants are only available for eight hours/five days a week. 

Their general services cover general and administrative VA, industry-focused marketing, sales, and outreach, and CSR and reception. These are some of their subset services:

  • CRM Data Entry Assistant
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lead Gen assistant
  • Bilingual caller (ENG/ESP)

Unlike some companies, Wing doesn’t charge by the hour. You can instead choose between Part-Time, Full-Time, Full-Time 2x, or a custom plan you can discuss with their sales team.

8. Prialto

If you’re tired of doing mundane and repetitive tasks on top of all the other important things you could be doing, why not get Prialto on the job? With Prialto’s concentration in sales, executive support, administrative duties, and others, it’s the perfect partner for executives.

They have been operating since 2008 and are currently located in Portland, Oregon. They also have branches in two other countries.

Prialto really keeps an eye on their quality of service by backing their VAs with an engagement manager, backup support, management and training teams, and enterprise-level security.

Prialto gives you both custom and flat-rate plans for individuals, teams, and organizations. Here are some of the services included for each client level:

  • Individuals
    • Sales support
    • Data entry 
    • Inbox management
  • Teams and orgs
    • Expense management
    • Calendar management
    • Travel management
  • Enterprise
    • Task management
    • CRM management
    • Standardization

9. Pure Moderation

Pure Moderation is a well-rounded customer service outsourcing company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, with branches all over Asia and even the USA. It was established in 2006 and has since catered to all types of clients, from small to high-profile.

Their multiple branches allow the company to provide multilingual options, with their content moderation services accommodating more than 40 languages. Here are some of the services you can plan around with their custom pricing:

  • Content Moderation Services (text moderation in more than 40 languages)
  • Customer Care Services
  • Data Entry Services (multilingual data entry)
  • Data Labeling Services
  • Game Management Services
  • Seasonal BPO Services

10. Callbox

Finally, Callbox is another well-rounded company based in the ever-popular Los Angeles, California. They were established in 2004 and have since expanded to Canada, Singapore, and Australia. 

Here are some of their services:

  • Lead generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Database Solutions
  • Webinar and virtual event marketing

Callbox provides you an option of a custom plan or any of the following flat-rate plans:

  • Dedicated Team
  • Leads Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Support


Outsourcing customer service costs less and is a more efficient option that allows business owners to focus on other priorities. That’s one less burden you don’t have to think about, and there’s no need for you or your employees to turn into hydras just so you can look at multiple things at once.

Whichever company you choose to partner with, remember that it takes two to tango. The customer service outsourcing company will do their best with the task, and so will you with the tasks on your end.

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