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Steps to Win at Online Slots: Number Three is Eye-Opening!

When playing a game, the end-goal will always be how to win. It’s no different in online casinos: The more you play, the more you gain experience that leads you to receive the prize of your hard work. But before anything else, you have to decide which game you really want to play. 

Is it your first time or are you a veteran ready for war to secure your earnings?

Based on your experience with gambling, either as a newbie or veteran, which casino game were you likely to start with? There is a high probability that the common answer would be online slots. Online slots are known for its simplicity and user-friendly feature of pulling a lever and waiting for the three words, ‘Jackpot,’ to align and bring home the bacon that you so desire. In truth, slot machines are said to have originated in the first coin-operated gambling machine created by Charles August Fey in 1894. From then, the slots game has dominated the gambling world and is now playable through mobile devices.

Slots can also be intimidating in their own way. Fortunately, this blog offers a summary of how you can win at online casinos and get rid of your fear of playing!

Tricks to Winning Slot Machines

Around 48% of the gambler population has played slots and will continue to do so for generations to come. You do not need a mathematical edge when playing slots; however, every slot game contrasts each other with a common premise—and that is to make similar images appear.

Some veteran gamblers would argue that it boils down to knowing when is the best time to play online slots. A common trend in hitting the jackpot is during the night time, when the appearance of jackpots are significantly increased. However, time is not entirely a reliable basis since some digital casinos interfaces release the jackpot during the day time. 

If you truly want more tested-and-proven hacks to master the art of slot machines,  then you’ve come to the right blog! Check out these expert tips:

1. What’s your Wager?

You have to decide how much is a comfortable amount for you to use on these games. Slots function on money to run them, but the rest is by chance. The odds of you rolling the same picture for one turn is plausible, but three in a row, that’s a miracle. Any amount is fine since there is no fixed amount, but it is a continuous game of pressing the start button in the middle and waiting for the results to come. Remember though, money does not grow on trees. Learn when to stop and always set a limit for your expenses on a certain game.

2. Learn the Mechanics

How to win at online casino slot machines? Getting to know which slot game you are getting yourself into is one of the many first steps you can take. When playing a game for the first time, you naturally have to learn how it works. Each game usually has a walkthrough that guides you on how to start, continue your journey, and reach the objective of the game. Experience is the best teacher, so don’t be afraid to go on a trial and error on the free versions of the games and check the rules.

3. Proof of Legality

Since we are on the topic of gambling and slots is a form of it, make sure that the casino you are playing at has a licence to conduct the games along with a verified RNG. An RNG is a Random Number Generator which ensures that the slot is random. In other words, it does not favor anyone and is completely fair to use. Every spin of that slot machine always brings out a random algorithm that guarantees fair play for all players. The randomness has to be tested and ensured so make sure to check this out in your next slot machine game.

4. Scout all the Different Slot Games

As stated earlier, slot games have different gameplays despite the similarities in premise. Try each of them out for you to determine which one is the best fit for your budget and gaming preferences. The best online slot games to win is the one you are comfortable playing. The near misses and big payouts do not have anything to do with the prize or chances that you have to bring that bread home.

5. Scrutinize the Offers

When we say scrutinize, we mean it. Make sure that you look at what is free, check bonus turnover requirements, bonus win limits, and its progressiveness. Utilize the free spins as your scouting and while doing so, inspect how much the bonus turnover requirement (BTR) is. A BTR basically wagers a sum higher than the bonus that the game offers. Imagine having to pay more than you can win, you will definitely end up with more losses than gains. 

As you win, make sure to check where the casino’s bonus limit suits your budget or funds. It can be tempting to take risks, but in the long run it is better to practice limiting your expenditure on the game. Refrain from blowing out your budget out of proportion. 

Lastly, check on the progressiveness of the jackpot slots. They may have the same percentage (0% to 99%) of winning with any ordinary slot game, but the progressive slot changes it’s odds of winning depending on the size of the jackpot prize.

These are just a few of our tips on how to improve your chances of winning at online slots. Use it as your friendly guide and quick reference. You can also mix and match our tips and essentially take that slot prize home. Happy slot gaming!

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