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There are currently over 2.6 billion people playing online games worldwide. The overwhelming numbers make the massive reception of the online gaming industry quite an undeniable feat. There are several reasons behind the unwavering hype among members of the online gaming community. Aside from the fact that it continues to indulge gamers to relentlessly interact and fight in virtual arenas, it also gives them the opportunity to embark on a fantasy adventure or make their fantasies come true, as is the case in games that transform gamers into a member of the military’s A-team.

It is not yet too late to be a part of the online gaming world. But, it is also important to gain sufficient knowledge on the key factors that enable a smoother transition and adjustment into the community. Take note: entering the digital world exposes you to the territory where different types of players flock. At the same time, there are specific rules (both spoken and not), that most online players comply with in order to maintain peace and camaraderie with fellow players. As such, the failure to comply with the rules and regulations of a particular platform or group of people with shared interests may result in unwanted tension and misunderstanding with fellow gamers. The last thing you want to happen is for forum and community moderators to have you banned for good.

Fret not, though, for this blog enumerated the most important factors that you need to remember before joining an online gaming community.

Below is a breakdown of the most common do’s and don’ts of online gaming:


Most games have a campaign mode and/or a tutorial feature wherein new players can get a first-hand feel of the game and be more familiarized with the mechanics of the game. The said features aim to assist new players and help them maintain their composure when playing online. This is where the preliminary phase of honing your skills begins. 

In that light, make sure to know all the survival techniques and strategies so that by the time you finish the campaign or tutorial, you already have a good background of what you need to do to adapt more easily during the actual game. Of course, players who have had previous gaming experience can skip the campaign or tutorial mode of the game and proceed to play online right away.


Most online games have trading features that usually involve real-world currency. These games allow players to sell, swap, or buy items from the in-game market from other players. While the feature might seem enticing at first glance, it also comes with specific risks and serious threats to your security. Since real-world currency is involved, it is inevitable that some opportunists will try and coax you into revealing your full name, address, or your bank account details. Before you jump at the chance of extending your network by trading a “legendary” item in your inventory for an item of equal value, consider the possible consequences of openly exposing your personal information to other players.

Always be wary of the steps involved in a game’s buy and sell process for its players. Regardless of how long you’ve been playing the game, never give out or share any personal information. This information includes, and is not limited to bank accounts, passcodes, pins, and other factors that can be used in trading. A 2012 report by Javelin stated that 12 million people fell victim to identity fraud.

Be vigilant at all times. Never disclose any personal data with other players, whether through playing the game or via online chat servers.


Playing with strangers can both be fun and frustrating, especially when you’re still a “noob”. Although you have successfully finished the tutorials and campaign mode of the game, it is still not enough to hone your skills and be one of the top-tiered players in a particular game.

Why not consider playing with your friends? Aside from the opportunity to spend more time with your peers, they are also more likely to be more considerate and understanding regardless of how many mistakes you commit while playing the game. This is especially true for MOBA games, where you need to collaborate well as a group to defeat your opponents.

Also, playing with friends helps strengthen the bond within the team and enables you to play more smoothly. You are more familiar with each other’s gaming style, thus you are more than able to devise well-planned strategies to achieve victory.

A disclaimer though—this does not mean that you always need your friends to improve your gameplay. There may be some inconsiderate players out there, but the number of nice players is definitely higher. Whenever you encounter one, try adding them to your friend list and ask them if they would be interested to play together sometime.


Once you hone your gaming skills and become a good player, do not use your improvement as a “license” to belittle new gamers. Do not be the kind of player who mocks, abuses, and frustrates other players. You were a novice once, too—never forget that fact!

Although they may not be able to see you personally, your reputation and image as a player count. The way you treat fellow players will mark how the community identifies with you. If you are prone to picking fights with or degrading other gamers, you are increasing the likelihood of being reported and banned. Mass reports of player accounts entail corresponding sanctions, depending on the severity of the offense or violation. Some of the worst consequences of violating online gaming guidelines include forfeiting you from accessing exclusive features and being banned from playing the game for good.


If you want the finest gaming experience, you must also be willing to invest in the proper equipment and accessories that will enable you to play the games that pique your interest. 

These include:

  • A good headset – There are certain headsets that possess an immersive, true-to-life surround sound feature that enables you to pinpoint more accurately the origins of certain sounds and noises in the game. This is particularly handy in action and adventure games that allow players to use stealth to outsmart opposing teams. For instance, if there is a sudden explosion, you will be able to determine the exact site where the explosion took place on the map. Another example is when a player attempts to stab your character from behind, the high-definition surround sound feature lets you detect sneak attacks from your blindspots and dodge it more quickly.
  • A stable internet connection – Since you are playing online games, you must know that a stable internet connection keeps you immersed in the game without interruptions. Imagine being seconds away from claiming victory, only to be disrupted because your internet connection keeps fluctuating every now and then. Poor internet signal can affect your progress in the game and even give your opponents the advantage to defeat you. Worse, it can make your teammates resent you. Choose a reliable internet connection provider in your area to ensure that there will be no lagging while you play. 
  • Mouse and keyboard – A gaming keyboard and mouse is preferred, but if you can only afford the regular variants, then that is also perfectly alright. As long as both are working well, you will be able to play more smoothly. Playing with a malfunctioning mouse or keyboard is quite frustrating. Most of the default controls in online games are operated using the left-click button of the mouse or the space bar in a keyboard. If you are unable to operate the commands using the said controls, it leaves your character at a disadvantage.


Rage quitting is one of the most common reasons why some players tend to lose their ranks or even get reports from players. Not all games are the same, and every match is composed of different players with varying gameplay styles. Some players are better than you while there are others who are less experienced and knowledgeable.

If you ever encounter an exceedingly more experienced and “hardcore” player and they happen to be beating you and your teammates up big time, don’t sweat it. Resist the urge to quit and find another match if you find it extremely difficult to keep up with your opponent’s skill level. Otherwise, if you give in to the pressure, you might end up committing mistakes and violations that get you reported. You might even ruin the game for other players. Instead, learn from the experts and choose to be a good sport. It is just a game after all.


The online gaming world is full of surprises. You can never foresee what will happen next. By following the in-game rules and regulations, playing can be more fun. This is especially true when you are playing with your friends virtually or in person. Moderating the use of currency, and abiding by the aesthetics of a good gaming community. The gaming world can teach you how to be more considerate and practice healthy competition more often. In truth, there are still several factors that you need to consider as you traverse through the world of online gaming. But, you can use this blog as your guide to help you get started with your online gaming journey.

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