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8 Hacks To Becoming A Pro Chat Operator

When businesses are capable of responding to customers quickly, it boosts customer happiness and satisfaction. They generally prefer to remain loyal to a brand that offers excellent customer service. In fact, 51% of customers are likely to purchase from a business that provides chat support since it enables real-time messaging and faster responses.

What’s the secret to providing exceptional chat support?

Your business will need a trained team with a firm grasp of the software and the capability infuse human touch into B2C communications. When trained agents are at the helm of operating the software, it helps simplify adding value to chats and elevating customer experience.

Additionally, live chat agents must possess the necessary skills to handle customer inquiries effectively and ensure the chat software’s efficiency.

Who Is A Chat Operator?

A chat operator is a person who is knowledgeable about a product and assists website visitors. The role of a chat operator is integral in managing customer service inquiries via chat.

Since emails are not always addressed immediately or in real-time, representatives handling chat support are expected to be good at multi-tasking. They must be able to keep up with the increasing messages and inquisitions sent by customers, site visitors, and interested buyers.

Apart from multitasking and adaptability, chat agents should be knowledgeable about the product they are selling. Should the operator be unable to assist an inquirer immediately, they should be able to connect the customer with someone from the company with more expertise on the subject matter.

While live chat operators are frequently assigned to customer service roles, their job responsibilities can vary depending on the company they work for. Apart from assisting customers and potential leads, they may also be employed to provide medical advice, counseling, aid in research services, or even boost user engagement on entertainment services. 

Significance of A Chat Operator

Responsive chat operators can help your business develop a positive customer relationship. 

It’s one of the cost-effective ways you can use to demonstrate how much you value your customers. Dedicating time and resources in enhancing a communication channel that’s highly preferred by your target demographic reaps positive results for your business. 

Chat operators ensure customers will consistently feel your presence and active involvement even through your website and social media pages alone.

8 Hacks to Become a Pro Chat Operator

Chat operator jobs are flexible in nature. It can be executed in an office or call center, or carried out remotely across different locations.

Live messaging agents are always on the front lines of customer service interactions. Their role extends beyond transactional activities, as brands rely on them to foster positive user experiences and boost customer trust. The more frequently agents are upskilled, the more likely that the service they provide exceeds expectations.

The following are some hacks on how to become a professional chat operator:

  1. Personalize Your Greetings and Messages

According to Digital Trends research, “73 percent of customers prefer to do business with brands that use their data to personalize their shopping experiences.” What better way to deliver exceptional ‘personalized’ service than through a channel that promotes a casual and fuss-free connection between businesses and customers. 

Consider the following customer service chat examples: 

The response, “How may I assist you today?” is straightforward and welcoming. On the other hand, it does little to inspire confidence in your ability to assist via live chat. Why? Simply, it is not personal enough. Customers desire to interact with an agent they perceive as a friend or ally who understands their needs. Even more so when they are confronted with a critical issue.

In that regard, how is friendship or alliance formed? 

Naturally, it begins by addressing the customer by their first name and introducing yourself. Try tweaking your typical spiel into something like this: 

Howdy, Robert! My name’s Maria. We appreciate your use of the Live Chat feature to contact ABC Company. As I understand it, you have billing concerns. Can you tell me more about your matter?” 

It might be lengthier, but it is unique, leaves a friendlier impression, and is more effective in reeling in new customers to stick with your company.

  1. Excellent Writing Skills 

When brands communicate with customers via live chat software, writing is at the core of the interaction. As such, it is essential to have well-constructed opening and closing spiel for chat support. 

More importantly, a good agent should expand their understanding of various facets of writing, whether it involves different languages, word choices, tone, or style of execution. 

Some spiels are meant for marketing and sales, while some are designed to provide assistance and guidance. At times, they may need to tweak the spiel to simplify complex jargon to customers. Possessing superior writing abilities entails carefully selecting worlds to ensure that messages are communicated to customers clearly and concisely.

  1. Reducing Hold and Wait Times 

Efficient chat agents can manage up to five chats concurrently. Even so, even the best ones do not always know what type of concern or query will the next customer present to them. 

eDigital research surveyed around 2000 customers regarding their experience with chat support. Around 64% of respondents anticipate waiting a minute or less to speak with a chat agent or representative

  1. Ask for Customer Feedback 

Your business must have an effective feedback mechanism to understand customer responses better. When live chat agents request feedback from customers, they gain a clearer understanding of areas for improvement.

More importantly, feedback is critical in determining the effectiveness of the various processes and systems involved in carrying out the company’s services. It paves the way make timely and pertinent changes to ensure that customer demands are carefully adhered to with each step.

  1. Spoon Feed with Bite-Sized Chunks

One of the biggest challenges faced by new chat operators is efficiently managing multiple and concurrent chats. The reason is not due to slow or poor typing skills. Rather, it is he result of attempting to cram too much information into a single message or reply. 

The following are some ground rules to follow in maximizing the effectiveness of chat support:

  • Keep your messages and responses brief, concise, and direct.
  • Always keep your responses to a maximum of one or two brief sentences.
  • Avoid overly complex wording and never reply in a lengthy paragraph.

Not only do longer responses take longer for operators to type, but they also take longer for customers to read. If you need to provide detailed instructions or information on how to complete a task, break them down into manageable chunks and send them out one at a time.

  1. Multitasking

Multitasking is a necessary skill for any live chat support agent. Their job roles entail extracting critical information from each chat, investigating pertinent files, navigating various software applications, and adhering to the proper protocols. They are expected to carry out all these while delivering well-thought-out responses!

Chat agents with solid multitasking abilities will achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, they will be more productive because they can handle greater responsibilities, and a higher volume of requests at a shorter time!

  1. A touch of empathy 

Empathy is a critical chat handling skill and a required customer service component. If live chat agents lack empathy and the ability to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, they will never earn the customer’s trust.

The primary objective should always be to demonstrate value to customers and take a humanistic approach.

The actual relevance of live chat software is realized when agents learn how to empathize with each customer and go beyond the scripts they follow. Empathy is not something that is readily taught in spiels. An agent must listen carefully to the customer’s query and try to picture the possible root-cause of their dilemma before they can sincerely tell the latter that they understand the concern.

  1. Check Grammar and Typos 

Chatting with customers and website visitors is not the same as chatting with friends and family on Facebook or instant messaging apps. While the process is very similar, the rules distinguish the two types of scenarios in communicating through chat.

When chatting with friends and family via an instant messaging application, you don’t have to think much about proper capitalization, spelling, or grammar. Mistakes in these areas are acceptable as long as the conversation is informal. However, when representing your brand or company in a chat session, you must always present yourself (and the company) professionally by avoiding grammatical and typographical errors.

Always review your chat responses for an additional second or two before clicking “Send” or pressing the “Enter” key. Doing so prevents embarrassing errors that reflect poorly on you as an agent or the company you represent.


Chat support is key for brands to successfully adopt an omnichannel strategy. With trained agents, it becomes simple to fully utilize the software and provide commendable service.

By employing competent and knowledgeable live chat agents, your business becomes capable of providing superior customer service and augment your business operations. You will also meet essential KPIs to merit a higher level of credibility. Therefore, ensure that you have the appropriate system to leverage the expertise of live chat agents and reimagine customer service.

Understanding the basics of becoming an efficient chat operator is just the start. Your team should always strive to learn more and be more proficient at providing even better service. 

The transition towards a top-performing chat agent takes time. However, with continuous efforts, impeccable attention-to-detail, and plain-old common courtesy, you can become a chat operator who will represent your brand or company proudly and professionally.

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